Contraception: how to do if I want to change the pill?

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Contraception: how to do if I want to change the pill?

For many reasons, it happens that we change the pill. A choice that does not only belong to the patient, the gynecologist must agree. Gold, "Stopping his pill for less than 3 months is a bad idea, notes Dr. Odile Bagot. "It is useless for the health and that presents a danger because the risks cardiovascular are multiplied by two during the first six months of taking a new pill ". A change must therefore be made under certain conditions.

Why change pill?

It can occur in two situations. In the first case, the request is initiated by the professional who wishes to give a more adapted treatment according to the profile of his patient. "The estroprogestative pill increases the vascular risk, so it is not recommended for smoking or women who have a risk or a history of phlebitis for example", Explains the gynecologist. "Beyond age 40, we advocate a pill without estrogen because the cardiovascular risk is higher ". The pill will therefore be purely progestative.

Another case: the patient herself asks to change. "The answer of the health professional will depend on the reason invoked". If the pill causes spotting (bleeding between periods of menstruation), or if the patient has breast pain (mastodynies), the doctor can choose to change the pill. "If the pill causes a weight gain or fromacnewe can also act according to the quality of the progestin ". The expert recalls however that theeffect of the pill on the skin is not immediate and it takes 4 to 6 months to see if it has an impact.

How to change the pill?

If the expert advises "Find out because pills can have their specificities", she explains that normally the new pill is taken at the same time that we were supposed to take the old one. If you were supposed to wait 7 days before taking back your old pill, you must keep the time and take the new one. "By doing so, you will be protected right away," reassures Dr. Odile Bagot.

Depending on the characteristics of the new pill, Side effects can appear. For example, you may feel tension in your chest or have small bleeding between periods. Finally, you will see disappearing the false rules (of deprivation) if you take a pill without stop of 7 days or you will see them appear if you go from one pill without stop to one with stop.

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