Coral: 30 pieces to adopt the color of the year 2019!

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Coral: 30 pieces to adopt the color of the year 2019!

Sweaters, skirts, dresses, shoes and bags: nothing will resist the charm of coral. Ultra bright when he eyeing the poppy or more discreet when he approaches a peach rose, the coral is a color which goes particularly well in the summer. Halfway between orange and pink, it has the gift of boosting the complexion and giving pep to a look a little too sad.
After the relative success of the Ultra-violet, color of the year 2018, the Pantone brand this time had more luck in making his "coral living" the color of the year 2019? To see the spring-summer 2019 collections, one could easily believe that yes.

What other colors to wear with coral?

1: Blue. Zero risk taking with him. Raw jeans or "used" enough to burst all the bright potential of a high coral color. Same with a navy blue that brings a touch of natural elegance to the outfit. In this association, it is better to bet on a high coral and a low blue than the opposite. The combination of the two is easier to adopt like that.
Because, let it be said, a low coral color is immediately much more eye-catching.
2: Nude. All the caramel hues that go from beige to taupe to ocher combine perfectly with the vitamin effect of coral. It's simple: whether your skin is white, black or mixed, there is necessarily a coral that suits you - better, which sublimates you. Keep this in mind when choosing your future swimsuit!

3: White. The combination of the two colors is difficult to assume in winter, but as soon as the beautiful days come back, it throws! Nothing like a pair of white sneakers to "cool" high-waisted coral pants. Well also: the white denim jacket on a fluid dress with coral print for a very gypsy look.
4: Gold. As long as you get noticed with a coral very tonic, as much go frankly and associate with pieces with golden highlights that will boost your figure even more. If you assume it, do not limit yourself. Good mine effect guaranteed.

Can we wear coral in total look?

The answer is yes. Know it: fashion knows almost no prohibition from the moment when one assumes his look and his style.
The ultimate? Play with different shades of coral to compose a monochrome of colors, which are not too monochrome. The result promises to be sharp but graphic ... and very fashionable!
And if you are reluctant to wear color on you (other than black or very dark), nothing forbids you to trick with accessories, bags and shoes in mind. The coral is bright and toned enough to light up a total raven look!

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