Corrective basics: which one to adopt for my complexion?

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Corrective basics: which one to adopt for my complexion?

Highly prized by professional make-up artists, colored bases are based on the principle of colorimetry: two opposite shades placed on top of each other cancel each other out. Green to erase redness, blue to illuminate light skin, yellow to wake up dark complexions. They apply after the day cream and before the foundation.

I have redness: a green base

A light fluid gel texture that does not clog the pores of the epidermis. Apply the base locally, on rednessto camouflage them. Choose it slightly pearly, to also illuminate the skin texture.

I have fine lines: a smoothing base

Totally transparent, it is suitable for mature skin who are looking for an immediate lifting effect. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, the base also acts as smoothing care for a lasting correction.

My skin is dull: a blue base

Ideal for illuminating diaphanous complexions, this blue base gives radiance and improves makeup hold. Apply to the finger starting at the center of the face and then stretching outward.

My black skin lacks luster: a yellow base

Yellow unifies and brings light to dark complexions.Pigment spots and marked rings disappear under these warm pigments. Just apply the base on the entire face.

I have brown spots: an apricot base

To blur these dark markings that appear over time, the coral and apricot bases are ideal. In addition to unifying the complexion, they look good. To apply in massage on the entire face, before makeup.

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