Couperose: 4 beauty tips to get rid of

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Couperose: 4 beauty tips to get rid of

The rosacea (or rosacea) is an unsightly skin disease that occurs most often on the face. It results in the appearance of redness, often localized on the play or some cheekbones. Its redness is due to blood vessels that are dilate. People with very light skin are more prone to rosacea.

1 / Protect yourself from the sun

If the causes of this skin disease Dermatologists say the sun could be a triggering factor rosacea. Thus, in prevention, it is advisable to apply a high index sun protection to protect the epidermis. If you are already subject to rosacea, it is still important to limit prolonged exposure to the sun and to apply a good protective cream.

2 / Choose the right make-up

Skin affected by rosacea is very sensitivethat's why it's necessary to adapt your makeup routine. Opt for products hypoallergenic designed for sensitive skin and sufficiently pigmented to cover redness. Preferably apply a liquid foundation with a brush to stretch it well. If it's not enough to hide the redness, have a corrector and apply it locally by small keys. That's it !

3 / Make a good make-up removal

The removal of make-up is a very important step: it allows to rid the skin of the make-up and the impurities who dropped off during the day. Well cleanse his skin is even more important when you have rosacea because it is very fragile. How to do ? Opt for a creamy texture to apply with your fingers, such as milk or oil. Indeed, the rubbing of the cotton against the epidermis could cause irritations. Gently massage your face and rinse with water. Then sprayflower water soothing before moisturizing with proper care.

4 / Bet on home care

To calm skin irritation and reduce redness, nothing like a homemade mask. You can make one with honey, an ingredient in soothing virtues. For this, mix a tablespoon of colloidal oatmeal powder with the same amount of oat vegetable oil and honey. Then apply all on a face beforehand cleaned up and let it work for 10 minutes *. You can also apply calophyll oil, known for its anti-redness action. Your skin will be soothed and bright!

* Aroma recipe area.

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