Cowboy boots: how to wear them without looking like a cowboy? Our tips and favorites of the season

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Cowboy boots: how to wear them without looking like a cowboy? Our tips and favorites of the season

It's called the cowboy boot. Originally worn by riders, the santiag quickly became a symbol of the American myth and the essential shoe for any self-respecting cowboy. Under their influence, the boot riders change their pace: the tips are sharper and the heels become beveled to better hold the feet in the stirrups.
Best practice, the santiag, under the influence of the cinema, becomes gradually a fashion accessory. What would John Wayne if he could not crush his butt under the soles of his leather boots with a falsely tranquil air? And Marilyn Monroe would she have the same falsely sexy look in the movie The Misfits If she had not dared before everyone to appropriate the cowgirl outfit in total jeans and cowboy look?
It's simple : in 50 years, santiag has become popularized to the point of being more often in town than in the countryside ! Today's collections are full of authentic models but are also fun to divert to offer plenty of neo-santiags easier to wear everyday (lower, more colorful, more fanciful). Best of all: she is now on the podiums of fashion week Isabel Marant in Saint-Laurent for silhouettes of Calamity Jane towns.

Santiag: why do we love them again and again?

A because they made us dream on the big screen.
Two : because they have become a wardrobe classic, a sort of timeless like the pump, the white basketball and the ballet flats.
Three : because they are able to adapt to many different styles, from the country look to the rocker look to that of beautiful fields.
Four because they age well. The more their leather wears out, the more they slip and beautify themselves. We would like to say the same thing about all our shoes ...

How to wear santiag other than with jeans?

Traditionally, who says santiag says jean! If the denim jacket + raw denim jean + genuine leather jacket look has not aged, it's time to have fun and feminize this pair of santiag that waits quietly in your closet.
The simplest ? Keep the idea of ​​jeans but avoid the model in raw denim, too connoted. And prefer a white denim model, otherwise more urban ... even if not easy to wear according to its morphology.
The most efficient ?Replace his pants with a fluid dress. It is the assurance of a contrast of sorts between the rusticity of the shoes and the sensuality of a vaporous fabric.

For a more bohemian-chic lookYou can also go for a pair of high-waisted dresses (all so trendy this winter), warmed up by a bomber-style leather jacket, which is also coming back.
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Cowboys on red carpet? Yes, it is also possible, some have dared (the photo evidence)! In this case, we zap all references too cool or too fancy and we put on the sobriety of a little black dress. Without forgetting to accompany all with accessories that have a crazy look: gold jewelry on a tanned skin, a machete colorful if the dress is short sleeve and a lurex pocket to glamorize everything.

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How to wear santiag in summer?

Do not wait until winter to put on the cowboy boots! On the contrary. If you choose a "ropper" model characterized by a significantly lower stem than the original (ie, an ankle boot), it is possible to wear cowboy boots, even in summer.
Low-boots shapes may not even let go of all summer: you wear them in the morning with denim shorts and a simple tee-shirt to barouder all day and they are "pimpered" at night with a printed dress that floats around their knees. At stake ? A folk look, falsely cool but still a little fashionable!

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How to wear colorful santiags?

With her, caution is needed. When it is colored or printed with python or leopard effect, the santiag becomes an accessory that takes over all the rest of the silhouette.
If you make the radical choice of an all-white model, why not go back to the essence of a western look with raw denim jeans denim simply associated with a white shirt and a trench?
If your boots are red or green, absolutely calm the game with wiser outfits, like the pantsuit. The good combo? A slim black slipped in and a perfecto leather jacket for a rock but girly note. Side skirt, rather play the contrast of genres with a very pin-up pencil model.


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