Cramps: 8 tips to get rid of

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Cramps: 8 tips to get rid of

Anti-cramping tip # 1: stay hydrated

Vascular, metabolic, muscle cramps can have very varied origins. Fatigue or pregnancy can also promote them. Whatever the origin, the main thing is to bring a lot of water into the blood to eliminate the lactic acid that suffocates the muscle that contracts. Remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day and hydrate before, during and after exercise.

Anti-cramping tip # 2: stretch properly

The good gesture to release the spasm? Stretch in the opposite direction of the contraction. If the foot is touched, bend your legs, pass a strap under the sole of the foot and stretch your legs upwards. Inhale and exhale deeply to oxygenate yourself.

Anti-cramping tip # 3: recharge in magnesium

This mineral relaxes the muscles. Pulses, almonds or chocolate are rich. But if the cramp is strong, long-term supplementation may help. The right dose: 200 mg each day for six months.

Anti-cramping Tip # 4: Using Homeopathy

"Cuprum mettalicum in 5CH, three granules four or five times a day helps to remove the frequent cramps ", says Nadia Volf, homeopathic doctor, author of Being young at any age (XO Editions). If they follow an effort, opt for Arnica 5CH, 3 granules 2 times a day.

Anti-cramping tip # 5: eating bananas

This fruit is rich in iron and copper, essential for the fixation of oxygen by red blood cells. The prescription: a banana several times a week in times of effort. At the same time, think of drastically reducing the coffee which increases the cramps.

Anti-cramping tip # 6: warm up

The heat relaxes the muscles. Give yourself hot showers. You can also apply patches or heating compresses. At night, the internal temperature drops and immobility reduces the flow of blood. In case of night cramps, raise the feet of the bed to boost blood flow to the heart, and be sure to be sufficiently covered.

Anti-cramping tip # 7: massage

Before a marathon day, "massage the "big mountains" point, located on the upper part of the calf muscle, midway between the knee crease and the heel "says Nadia Volf. If the cramp is on another muscle: press the most painful point for 20 seconds and release. The pressure precipitates the inflow of saving blood.

Anti-cramping tip # 8: check your pharmacy

Diuretics and laxatives promote the escape of minerals into the urine. Corticosteroids cause potassium to drop. Beta-blockers slow down the heart pump and the anticholesterol statins act on the muscle cells. In case of repeated cramps, talk to your doctor.

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