Cristina Cordula: her 8 infallible tips for a perfect selfie

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Cristina Cordula: her 8 infallible tips for a perfect selfie

After his advice to dress according to your morphology, to make up your makeup, to rejuvenate and feel good about yourself, Cristina Cordula give some tips to succeed selfie every time.

What is a selfie? It's about a Photo that you take from yourself with the lens on the front of your smartphone. This type of shot is relatively difficult to take since the front camera can deform the face. A study conducted in 2018 showed that it increased your nose by 30% for example. here is 5 tips of the professional image to do the perfect selfie.

1 / Capture the right light

Lighting plays a role primordial role in the success of a photo, and the selfie is no exception. The Brazilian advises to turn on oneself with the phone until the light is ideal. Thus, you can avoid backlighting or overexposure. Cristina Cordula also remind that the make-up or the filters can help you showcase.

2 / Being yourself

It's fundamental. Whether smiling or not, the image consultant recommends doing a natural pose : exit the duckfaces (when the mouth is frozen).

3 / Do not hesitate to make several

No (or few) people are able to make a selfie the first time. The key to success for Cristina Cordula? Make several to be sure to find the perfect selfie.

4 / Adopt the best angle

The angle is very important. Depending on which one you adopt, you can look more or less tired, more or less to your advantage ... The best angle? Place your phone slightly to the side (it should not be in front of you) and more than your eyes and orient your face three-quarter compared to the smartphone. Another tip: turn down slightly chin down.

5 / Clearing his head port

Exit the double chin. Clear your head port by lengthening your neck while remaining natural.

6 / Choose the right frame

The "decor" in which the selfie is taken must be cleverly chosen. So, think about what you're up to (avoid bins, for example).

7 / Think about apps to help you

Cristina Cordula explains that the mobile apps can allow you to have a best rendering on your selfies. Test them!

8 / Stay natural

If it encourages the use of applications, the former supermodel also warns that their use should not distort your photo : "We want the natural". You are ready to make the perfect selfie. It's your turn !

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