Cryotherapy: what are the health benefits?

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Cryotherapy: what are the health benefits?

Whole body cryotherapy, excellent for health

What's this ? Whole body cryotherapy (CCE) was created in 1978 in Japan by Dr. Yamaguchi: it's about placing the person in a ventilated box (only the head protruding) and propelling around his body. body a very dry air flow, cooled with liquid nitrogen.

The session lasts maximum 3 minutes - beyond, there is a risk of burning. The propelled air is at about - 140 ° C. Result? The external temperature of the skin goes down to about 6 ° C, and the internal temperature of the body loses until - 1 ° C.

What impact? This brutal heat shock (but painless and without side effects!) Has several effects on the body:

  • Better blood circulation (the blood vessels contract under the effect of cold and then expand when you leave the box),
  • An anti-pain action (the skin receptors are "anesthetized", the nerve impulses of the pain are slower),
  • Micro-healing of the muscles,
  • A release of endorphins (the famous hormones of well-being!),
  • A release of anti-inflammatory molecules.

Whole body cryotherapy (CEC): what are the (counter) indications?

Cryotherapy is indicated in 4 situations:

  • Inflammatory diseases (arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis ...),
  • Dermatological pathologies (eczema, psoriasis, acne ...),
  • Emotional and psychological problems (stress, concentration, sleep disorders, anxiety, mood disorders ...),
  • Preparation and sport recovery (muscle aches, tendinitis, fatigue ...).

It's good to know : cryolipolysis is a localized cryotherapy that has a slimming goal. The session lasts 30 minutes and the person is lying on the back: the technique promotes the destocking of fat and the destruction of fat cells (adipocytes) by the cold, especially in the belly and thighs.

How's it going ? During a whole body cryotherapy session (CCE), the person is in underwear. However, she wears gloves and socks because it is necessary to protect hands and feet - indeed, under the effect of cold, the blood leaves the ends to focus on the vital organs. The skin should not be wet, piercings should be removed to limit the risk of burns.

Whole body cryotherapy is not trivial. It is thus contraindicated in case of:

To know : on average, a cryotherapy session costs 40 euros, but there are "cure" packages for certain pathologies - chronic pain, for example. Whole body cryotherapy (CEC) can be supported by some mutuals.

* The full list of contraindications can be found on this link.

Thanks to Alexandre Bismuth, founder of theCryobar Institute.

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