Cup, menstrual panties … what alternatives if I want to avoid tampons?

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Cup, menstrual panties ... what alternatives if I want to avoid tampons?

A woman spends in her life between 1,500 and 2,000 € in hygienic protection. An astronomical sum and every month many women find themselves in a situation of menstrual precariousness. They are unable to buy a box of buffers whose price sometimes reaches 6-7 €. We offer solutions to replace these " luxury products ".

The menstrual cup or the cup

More economical, softer for the vaginal flora, more ecological, the cup has only advantages! This silicone protection will accompany you until 12h and as a bonus it lasts several years.

How to use it ?

For its use, same system as for a tampon, you insert it into the vagina and you make your day normally. Of course, wash your hands well before and after setting up the menstrual cup. After each use, wash it with soap and rinse well before putting it back on. At each end of the cycle, sterilize it with warm water and store the cup in its holster until the next period. The purchase of a cup is around 15-20 €. A small investment but in the long run, you will make real savings!

Menstrual panties

Another alternative: menstrual panties! This is the solution, if you are tired of straining your pretty lingerie. They are a bit thicker than normal breeches because they have an absorbent part.

How to use it ?

Just put it on and you're done! Brands, like MÏU, propose to add inserts to promote greater protection. These are like washable sanitary napkins. It is enough to fix the insert in the bottom of the pants and to change it regularly. In the evening, when you get home, rinse the menstrual pants thoroughly with cold water so that the tasks go away more easily. Then you can put it in the machine. Several panties will be needed for your periods of menstruation. A small budget will therefore be necessary, if you want to invest in menstrual panties.

The washable towel

Our grandmothers were already using some kind of washable towels, which they cleaned after each period of menstruation. In those that we can buy today, you have the choice between two models: one with medium absorption for light and medium flows and another strong absorption if your flow is abundant.

How to use it ?

Before any application, wash the towel the first time at the machine between 30 and 60 °. No need to go to the dryer, let it air dry. Depending on your flow, buy several washable protections that you will change as the day progresses. Small pockets are available with the purchase to store them. Once in your home, rinse with warm water to remove the stains and put them in the laundry with the rest of your laundry. The price of washable towels vary by brand but we recommend you take a kit to have several at hand! The advantage of washable towels? Odors are much weaker than on disposables.

The sea sponge

Initially, the appearance of the sea sponge seems a little strange. However, it does not contain superabsorbents and does not irritate the vaginal flora. A healthy and natural product!

How to use it ?

Before applying it for the first time, clean it with neutral pH water and soap. You can also disinfect it with a drop of niaouli essential oil. When your periods come, wet the sponge a little to facilitate insertion. Also remember to change it regularly as tampons. As soon as you remove it, it will be necessary to wash it with water and soap before replacing it. At the end of each rule, clean it as for the first use. If you have an IUD, the sea sponge is to be avoided.

So, ready to say goodbye to towels and tampons?

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