Curly hair: what cut to adopt after 50 years?

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Curly hair: what cut to adopt after 50 years?

For several seasons, hair straighteners have been shelved and buckles are gaining momentum. That's good: brilliant and plump, the loop is an advantage or a sign of youth. It brings a sparkling and dynamic side provided it is well designed. The flat? Curly hair suffers from being drier and more fragile in general ... and things do not get better after 50 years. When frizz appears, the hair quickly looks indomitable and can stoop the look.

Taking care of your hair by nourishing the fiber is a necessary step to obtain a beautiful haircut. Redouble efforts and care: count at least two masks a week after shampoos. You can alternatively alternate a mask, which nourishes the fiber in depth, with a conditioner, which hydrates lightly on the surface.

The square degraded

On curly hair, squares are the easiest hairstyles to maintain. This is the perfect cut for oval or round faces. The square can reach the level of the maxillae, cut just below, or be a little longer depending on the morphology of your face. For Estelle Clergue, from Wella, Isabelle Mergault, for example, wears a shorter square that highlights her slightly square face and sparkling personality. Mid-long or short, the rule of thumb is the same: Degrade loops (such as Corinne Touzet) at the risk of having a triangular effect or too much helmet.

The diving square

It perfectly accompanies wavy ripples and even bouncy curls. Cutting the shorter hair behind the skull brings volume while framing the face of pretty curls. The shorter the square, the looser and lighter the curls.

The very short

It is the loop that defines the length. Boys haircuts on curly hair can be difficult to control and even age the features. They require a lot of maintenance (more care) and master the art of styling (more blow-dry). The solution is therefore in the very short: four to five centimeters maximum. " We keep only the first notch of the loop "Says the expert. This hairstyle requires a refresh every six to eight weeks.

The mid-long

The lengths tend to sag the lower face. To counter this effect, like Isabelle Adjani or Emmanuelle Devos, you can adopt a mid-long, slightly degraded. The appearance of the loop will depend on the gradient. This cut is suitable for all face shapes.

To dare the bangs?

Yes, the bangs are quite possible on curly hair. On a mid-length, for example, she structures the hairstyle and emphasizes the look. However, it is necessary at all costs to avoid the fringe "between two" which brings nothing, if not a neglected effect. Either keep it curly or you smooth it. In both cases, work it with a round brush while brushing.

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