Dad shoes: Do you know these strange sneakers that are so popular?

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Dad shoes: Do you know these strange sneakers that are so popular?

When you saw them coming back in 2017, how many of you said, " The dad shoes and me, never! ". Two years later, we do not feel so categorical anymore. Influenced by social networks and shops, by the looks of Nabilla as Eddy de Preto (yes, the dad shoes is the kind to do the splits), you let yourself gradually convince: and if finally the dad shoes was not so ugly?
Rescued from the locker room sportswear 1980s, the dad shoes - literally "daddy's shoe" - is now revival unexpected. Because it is not the sports brands that have brought it up to date, but the luxury brands, Balenciaga in mind!

What is a dad shoes?

1: It's a pair of basketball.
2: It's a pair of basketball not discrete.
3: It's a pair of basketball shoes recognizable by its protuberant soles.
4: This is a pair of basketball rarely white and rather very, very colorful.
In short, the dad shoes, it is a big pair of basketball which is noticed by far! And to be quite honest, it's a pretty ugly basketball.

Trend dad shoes: why are you (finally) loving them?

Because we are in 2019, and that the notion of "ugly" has evolved. What was tacky more than 20 years ago is today's cool. The generation of millenials has the gift of exhuming the most shameful stuff of their parents to make them a must-have. It is because of them already if you succumbed last summer to tap-socks, if you have reinvested in a banana bag and if you still hesitate about the case of the cyclist.

The power of persuasion millenials There is more to prove: in search of new markets and future customers, the world of luxury makes them soft eyes and serves them everything they love (and what they already wear). No wonder then that it was the Gucci & co who were the first to ride the return of the dad shoes.
Once past the psychological barrier of finally, maybe it's not so ugly », We go to its fatal argument: the dad shoes, with its soles on the edge of orthopedics, is ultra comfortable.

Trend dad shoes: how to adopt these big sneakers?

Forget the big basketball duo and tracksuit, unless you want to play in a remake of the IAM clip "Je danse le mia"!
To dare the dad shoes, it must be shifted. Combined with a pencil skirt or pantsuit, it will be enough to bring an infinitely cool and modern touch to the entire look. Side accessories, aim for chic rather than fun: it is niet backpacks and bananas, but a thousand times yes bucket bags, pouches and woven baskets, which will break with the beautiful days. Ditto with jewelry: no scrunchies in the hair or big plastic watch around the wrists, but fine bracelets and golden creoles.

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