Dental cellulitis: what is this unknown infection to take very seriously?

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Dental cellulitis: what is this unknown infection to take very seriously?

You stop right now: the "dental cellulite", has nothing to do with the orange peel that lodges on our thighs, our arms or our buttocks. Here, it is an infection of the fat of the face and the neck, which appears most often after an abscess untreated or badly treated. If she can not do too much damage in the event that she is treated quickly, she can just as easily spread all over her face and be responsible for many serious complications. Until life-threatening.

What are the symptoms ?

The first signs are redness near the infected area. Secondly, significant swelling of the cheeks, palate, lower face and neck may appear. In addition, there is usually fever, headaches and difficulty swallowing.

How to treat it?

To overcome this infection, antibiotics are usually prescribed. The infectious tooth must also be removed. Finally, it is important not to delay too long if the symptoms appear so that the infection does not spread.

How to prevent it?

Diabetes, smoking, lack of hygiene, several factors can trigger this infection. To guard against it, out of the question so to ignore the brushing.

The rules of perfect oral health

Brushing must be done after each meal and must last at least 3 minutes. The toothbrush must be changed every three months and the toothpaste used must contain fluorine (which reinforces the structure of the enamel).

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