Derbies, moccasins, sneakers, ballerinas … 20 flat shoes to be at the top of the trend

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Derbies, moccasins, sneakers, ballerinas ... 20 flat shoes to be at the top of the trend

It's time for shoes addict to store sandals and bare-feet. The time has come to make room in your shoe cabinet to drop the news of the new season. And this year again, the choices are not lacking! Sneakers casual and slippers Stylish, you will find shoes on your feet!

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Flat shoes: which model (s) to adopt this autumn?

Sneakers for a trendy and casual look : notice to the fans of sneakers. The sneakers are back in force for this new season. Besides the pair of white sneakers who has taken a royal place in your cabinets, other models will certainly complement your collection. Today, sneakers do not stop at the simple sports model. For a look casual or for an intense day at work, you can bring a little pep to your outfits by associating them with sneakers with embroidered patterns or with sequins. Worn with a trenchor a blazer (key pieces this fall), these pairs of sneakers will bring a little modernity to your classic looks.

Derbies for a boyish look It is sometimes good to take inspiration from male wardrobes. Ideal to afford a ultra-chic look in the boyish, the derbies mark their big return for the fall season. Leather or varnish, black or burgundy, this pair of shoes can meet the tastes and desires of each fashionist. And to reach the pinnacle of originality, many brands offer models mixing cock's foot, tiles or animal print. With a7 / 8th jeanor one cigarette pants, these shoes will create an androgynous look that will have all its small effect.

Ballerinas for a refined autumn look : In life, there are two teams: pro and anti-ballerinas. Nevertheless, let it be said, this model seems to have a special place in the shoe closet of some fashionistas (including that of Meghan Markle). For this season, the brands modernize this model by breaking away from the traditional little knot to replace it with pearls, nails and jewels. What to bring a rock and glamor side to this shoe. For a modern look, break the misconceptions by combining your ballerinas with a boyfriend destroy jeans and rolled up at the bottom of the legs. Plus, have fun with the colors. These shoes come in the colors of the rainbow, which brighten your dressing with the arrival of gray weather.

Slippers for a comfortable and chic look It is sometimes difficult to separate from one's cozy slippers when the winter wind begins to be felt. For this season autumn 2018, the slippers mark their big return. Studded, with pompoms or with golden embroidery, these shoes give a elegant and dressed key to your outfits. For the more daring, you can get out of the traditional skirt / slipper combo by pairing them with a slim and a jacket oversized.

What trendy look for our shoes this fall?

Romantic and bohemian with floral embroidery: even if the leaves begin to fall, the flowers do not know season to interfere in your shoe closet. Japanese flowers or pattern brocade, flowers bud on moccasins, slippers and sneakers. What bring a touch of color to your total black autumn look.

Wild with feline prints: the leopard out the claws for this new season. By little touch on a pair of sneakers or ballerinas, this print shows that his reign has many years in our dressing. With this pattern, you will put the jungle at your feet!

Futuristic with the metallic trend: Golden loafers, silver sneakers and pink copper ballerinas, metallic shoes go knock out the gray of autumn. With a skirtpleated and one white tee shirt, your look will be very feminine and ultra stylish. But beware, this trend is not a reason to play cosmonaut.

Rock and chic with nails: Small nails, still and always small nails. For this season, mark them back in time in the 80s. Moccasins or derbies decorated with nailsHere is the recipe for a glamorous, rocky look. Accompanied by a black perfecto, these studded shoes will give you the look of British girl.

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