Diabetes: 7 good habits for stable blood glucose even in hot weather

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Diabetes: 7 good habits for stable blood glucose even in hot weather

The French Federation of Diabetics (FFD) is formal: the summer heat can influence blood glucose and expose to many complications. A single slogan in this month of August for diabetic vacationers, so, I named: caution. Focus on the good habits to adopt.

Do not skimp on hydration

First of all, hydrate. On the program: drink plenty of water, wet your body regularly, ventilate and keep your house cool. Firstly, because heat is a stress on the body, and says stress, says release of hormones, which they have the effect of increasing blood sugar. And that says hyperglycemia, says risk of dehydration. Second, if the level of glucose in the blood increases, it may also cause a desire to urinate in the patient and therefore cause more dehydration. Conclusion: diabetics, we hydrate!

Always take away something

You sweat in big drops? It's normal, it's summer. Except that in a diabetic person, this may be a sign of hypoglycemia. We therefore remain very attentive to its sugar levels and systematically carry something to resuscitate with oneself. Briquettes of fruit juice or glucose gel, always in the bag!

Eat well

It's hot and your stomach refuses to eat anything other than slices of watermelon? We understand you. Nevertheless, this is the best way for the diabetic body to trigger hypoglycaemia. So we redouble attention to his diet.

We avoid sports activities too intense

Notice to athletes, we put the soft pedal on the physical efforts in case of big heat. In question ? What was explained to you above about sweating - that it can translate the sign of hypoglycemia -. On the other hand, out of the question of becoming sedentary, we expect at least brisk walking or swimming early in the morning or late at night.

Protect yourself from the sun

If the advice is valid for all - as for hydration - diabetics, we redouble attention. And for good reason, that said exposure to the sun says warming of the skin. And that says warming of the skin, says activation of the blood circulation thus acceleration of the absorption of the insulin. This has the effect of increasing blood sugar levels and creating hypoglycaemia. Yes, it's very mathematical, we concede it to you -. But it does not prevent: we protect ourselves from the sun.

Pay attention to his equipment

No way to leave your meter, strips, electrodes or control solutions in the sun "on pain of failure and giving you false results", alert the FFD, taken over by Destination Santé. We put on a cool and dry place.

Bet on good shoes

Here too, the FFD is categorical: a ban for diabetics to go barefoot on the beach. Why ? Because every little wound or fungal disease, even tiny, can get infected very easily. Diabetes-related circulation problems favoring the so-called diabetic foot. Pru-den-ce, we told you.

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