Discover Grace Beauty, these beauty accessories adapted for people with disabilities

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Discover Grace Beauty, these beauty accessories adapted for people with disabilities

of the accessories to add on beauty products to make them usable by people in handicap situation. That's what Grace Beauty, an American brand, offers. Their project? Offer clipper tips on ordinary mascaras in order to facilitate the handling of the product. On their Facebook account, the creators of the brand describe it as being "Dedicated to beauty and disabilities such as arthritis and cerebral palsy ". The products will be available on their website and can be shipped worldwide from June 3rd, according to the site Bustle.

Indeed, for some people, putting on makeup can be complicated everyday. In order to make the application of makeup easier, Grace Beauty has put on the market three accessories for mascara a little particular, each costing between 7 and 10 euros. First, the Safe Grip : the mascara brush is held by a round and thick rubber handle. Ideal for those who can not properly close their hand or who have joint problems.

The second is called Ring Grip. As the name suggests, this is a handle with a ring to put your finger in it: "Once attached, you will not have to stand so hard, or lose your grip or pick up mascara from the floor", writes Grace Beauty on her new Instagram account.

The last mascara, the Square Grip, has a square shape "To facilitate its opening, keeping and control", communicate the mark.

Other upcoming products and enthusiasts

If the offer of Grace Beauty consists of only three items at the moment, the brand counts well extend its range. Mascaras already seduce: "As a person with arthritis and Ehlers Danlos syndrome, makeup fascinates me but it's sometimes difficult. The fact that a brand alone is trying to satisfy the needs of people like me is more than amazing. Thanks for what you do", wrote a surfer.

Others are already asking the brand to find a solution to apply the eyeliner: "Can you market a tool to apply the liner please", write a subscriber on Instagram.

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