Discover the hairstyle trend of the 60's that comes back to fashion this fall

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Discover the hairstyle trend of the 60's that comes back to fashion this fall

Vintage hairstyles are on the rise! After Rebecca Hampton's notched hair and the return of thick velvet darlings, it's now time for "Retro hair flip" to return to the front of the hair scene.

This hairstyle is to rebel the tips of his hair up, as in the 1960s, to Jackie Kennedy. But in 2019, the hair flip is often adorned with an inspiration from 1990s : the very high ponytail, which returns towards the front of the face. The mixed of these two epochs is hot! The hair flip can also fit on a mid-long square (without making a ponytail) and accuse with a headband to accentuate the retro side or a thick bar to play with the trend of the moment.

How to make a hair flip?

In addition to being fashionable, this hairdressing is very simple to make. Start by brushing your lengths, then, with your round blow-dry brush and a hair dryer or straightener, turn your tips upwards, proceeding by strand. Do not hesitate to spray a little hairspray for the movement to hold all day. If you want to add to your hair flip 60s a touch of modernity, make a half ponytail or a whole, very high and more. You are ready !

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