Discover the perfect temperature to take a shower

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Discover the perfect temperature to take a shower

Taking a shower often rhymes with relaxation and relaxation. This is an ideal time for to take care of you using adapted cosmetics to your skin and your hair. But at what temperature should the water in the shower ideally be? There are several answers depending your expectations.

Who does not like to bask under hot shower after a long day of work or a sports session? A real moment of well-being: the tissues relax and the pores of the skin open thanks to the heat of the water. But beware, if the temperature is too high, the skin becomes red anddry. Indeed, the water is too hot the weakens because she withdraws her natural protection (the hydrolipidic film).

A cold shower, that is, where the temperature is usually in below 30 degrees, allows you to tone the skin and stimulate the blood circulation. But taken in the morning in winter or autumn, it can be unpleasant.

Warm: the ideal temperature

That is why we should opt for a temperature lying between 30 and 37 degrees, that is to say lukewarm. So you can enjoy a comforting moment thanks to the warmth of the water while enjoying the benefits of colder water on the bloodstream.

Another tip: think about finishing your shower with a fresh water spray on the body and hair. This gesture to a tensor effect on the skin and allows to close the hair scales.

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