Discover the tips of youth of Karin Viard

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Discover the tips of youth of Karin Viard

Short square = more volume

This slightly degraded cut is both dynamic and glamorous. The line on the side brings volume to the hair, and creates a very current asymmetrical effect.

Subtle liner = intensified look

Underlined with a black pencil, the eyes look bigger, and the eyelashes fringe a little more dense. The mascara, also applied on the lower bangs, opens the eyes and raises the eyelid.

Orange lips = blow of pep

Nothing like a red-orange shade to brighten the complexion and sublimate the face, especially if you have a very light skin.

Golden sweep = good-looking effect

Deposited on the lengths and points, these sunny locks bring radiance to the complexion but also more dimension to a hair a little thin.

Natural ripples = modern rendering

Unlike defined curls, this wavy effect is ideal for rejuvenating the face. To obtain it, apply a saline spray, then dry the hair to the diffuser.

Do not mark fine lines

Attach the foundation and concealer with a very fine powder, to prevent the material from spinning into the wrinkles and accentuating them.

In summary

A short square illuminated with golden reflections, a sparkling orange-red mouth and a look underlined in black pencil, here is the cut and the make-up that you need to sublimate yourself.

Thanks to Sandrine Garcia, makeup artist, Aurélien Paris agency.

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