DIY beauty: bubble bath bombs easy to make for 2 euros

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DIY beauty: bubble bath bombs easy to make for 2 euros

Two euros. That's the price it will cost you to do your own bombs for the bath. These are ideal for giving peps to the water : they melt in the perfume pleasantly and coloring it slightly.

These effervescent balls are also customizable since you can add oils according to your desires or your problems. Bet on thearnica oil associated with eucalyptus essential oil to overcome aches. To effectively fight against stress, mix ofavocado oil nourishing andLavender essential oil with relaxing virtues. Finally, mix apricot oil with essential oil ofylang ylang : your skin will be soft and fragrant.

How to make his bath bombs?

1 / Put in a salad bowl 50 grams of Maizena, 100 grams of baking soda, 50 grams of citric acid (for the effervescent effect) and 50 grams of Epsom salt, detoxifying and remineralizing. Mix the powders together.

2 / Put in a glass 15 ml of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of water and 10 drops of essential oil whose perfume you like.

3 / Incorporate strongly the two preparations with a whisk, so as to disperse the oils in the powder, without causing an effervescent reaction.

4 / Add a pinch of food coloring if you wish it.

5 / Tamp the preparation in a spherical mold or, failing that, in muffin pans to make pucks. Put them in the fridge for 24 hours before unmolding.

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Make your dissolving bath at home in two minutes!

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