DIY: make your bath solvent home in 2 minutes chrono

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DIY: make your bath solvent home in 2 minutes chrono

To make your own solvent bath in just a few minutes, you will need:

- a small glass jar with lid (type baby pot)

- a big clean sponge

- a bottle of solvent


1 / Once the glass jar is well cleaned, get your own sponge and fold it in half. Insert it once folded horizontally into the glass jar.

2 / Then pour remover, so that the sponge is well soaked with product. Close the glass jar and shake it so that the material is well dispersed.

3 / Add a nice label on your homemade solvent bath: and here it is already finished!

Farewell cotton and back and forth on the nails to remove the varnish! You just have to dip your finger in the center of the sponge, turn it slightly and presto: everything is removed. Do the same thing with each finger, and in 5 minutes maximum, it's over!

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