Do you know the big trend of layering? We tell you everything!

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Do you know the big trend of layering? We tell you everything!

7am. It's time to wake up. At the start of the day, temperatures barely touch the two degrees. You are in front of your dressing room packed and yet you do not know how to dress. Cold with nothing but the idea of ​​having to get out of your cozy little nest, a solution is offered to you: bundle up under a maximum of clothing. From then on, you are seized with a real frenzy and you seize a shirt, from a big knit sweater, from blazer jacket and your coat oversized. It will do the trick for today!

Then, once dressed, a question comes to mind: what do I look like? Do not panic, you have just practiced the art of layering, a game of superposition of different pieces chosen in your wardrobe. A rule of thumb is when you choose this mode: watch out for the bibendum effect. In order to have an impeccable look, it is important to superimpose the pieces from the thinnest to the thickest. Here are four simple and super-stylish equations to adopt the layering without risking fashion faux-pas.

Shirt + sweatshirt + bomber + oversize coat

When you want to try the trend of layering, better go step by step. For beginners, here is a little guide to avoid the fashion faux-pas on your first attempt. Level 1: put on a white shirt or sky blue then slide it below a sweatshirt. Nothing prevents you to bring a little fantasy to your ensemble with embroidery, rhinestones or amessage printed on your sweater. Little more fashion: to look like a real working-girl relaxed, opt for a long shirt to be able to make it over your sweatshirt. To be sure of not getting cold when you go out, you can always add a very light bomber and do not hesitate to draw your hood for a little more style urban. To finish your set BCBG, get out of your closet youroversize long coat camel, ultra-trendy piece of the season! A scarf in big knit and voila ! Here is an ideal look to the effect chic and casual to get to work

Turtleneck + shirt + blazer + down jacket

Once this step has passed brilliantly, you can move to the next level. The weather is gray and the temperatures are close to the negative. The idea of ​​leaving your home does not tempt you more than that. Do not worry, the layering to the solution! The winter season being launched, you can take out your puffy jacketorange, ultraviolet or burgundy. But no way for you to display a look too much sportswear. From then on, assemble your turtleneck sweater under an open shirt. And above all, do not forget to put on your very chic blazer jacket united or inprinted prince of Wales. For the most rocky of you, do not hesitate to refine your look layering with an imitation leather skirt and a pair oflace-up boots Doc Martens style. In the top !

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T-shirt + vest + denim jacket + faux fur coat

To be chic and glamorous, what better than a faux fur coat in which to lover this winter? Black, brown, beige or leopard print, with this piece you can only be in the hair trend trends of the season. In order to be very warm, why not hide below your Jean jacket? And no ladies, this timeless fashion is not just for the summer. This piece will bring an offbeat touch to your main fashion piece. In order not to offer a look too busy, promote a white T-shirt in V-neckhidden by your long vest in fine mesh. This basic will be a bit like the cherry on the cake ! A look both feline and casual in which you can brave the cold with style.

Long dress + pants 7 / 8th + structured jacket

Back to the 90's ! Why not wear your long dress with flowers over your pants this winter ? With this set, you can handle the male-female look without false note! A real trend spotted in recent fashion weeks. In order to have a balanced silhouette, opt for a fluid dress with a7 / 8th jeanat the right cut. And to have warm your little feet, put on your pair of Marlboro camel. A look simply folk and trendy! Finally the originality that creates the combination of a dress and pants is also an opportunity to try extravagance. Do not be afraid to dare a dress with flamboyant colors, printed with peas or materials like tulle. If you are not too fan of dresses, you can always turn to a midi skirt that will do the trick! In order to bring the final touch to this sought-after look, wrap yourself in a jacket crossed and structured to tiles to continue in a retro and ultra-trendy look! If this piece is missing in your dressing room, you can always fall back on a sweater oversized with chimney neck, embellished with a thin belt, to put on top of your dress. A stylish way to show that winter does not scare you anymore.


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