Down jacket: 25 trendy models for a warm and stylish winter (and our tips for choosing it)

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Down jacket: 25 trendy models for a warm and stylish winter (and our tips for choosing it)

They are still here this winter, more than ever! Always ultra-present on the catwalks, jackets are also essential on the bitumen and in the heart of our favorite signs. From the most classic monochrome to the most offbeat, it's up to you to find yours in our selection of trendy jackets to shop illico!

Winter stars and fall-winter trends 2018-2019, the jackets, with their cousins ​​the parkas, are our real anti-cold weapon of the season. The big plus is that they continue to decline and reinvent themselves to perfect all silhouettes and fill all the desires fashion. Finished so the look "bibendum" in his quilted jacket this year, to us the chic and definitely stylish line, while being well warm!
Because yes, let it be said, the radius over, it was until now not frankly the most glamorous alternative. But that was before ... Before cuts are feminized, sizes are tightened and the mix & match in oversize down jacket with skirts and dresses more romantic do not detonate.

Trendy down jackets: XXL vs. "ultra-light" models

Two schools for this Winter It spotted on parades and in collections: way "bibendum" or on the contrary all finesse. Both are allowed this season: it's up to you to find the model according to your style and your morphology.

The advantage of all-purpose models, with or without sleeves elsewhere and come almost to join the rank of indispensable, is that they can to slip with ease under your coat. You will then be spoiled for choice of colors and even printed more than present this winter. We like to wear it with pride in various colors and varied to match with all our outfits. Or the fashion asset that we would never have believed, yet leave to join our basics of the wardrobe!
In vogue this winter too, XXL models so, like big houses that inspire us. We like to curl up in oversized pieces that do not leave room for cold without squeezing out any style. Moreover, it is more than ever possible to belting his coat to mark the waist and add a touch of femininity.

Choose your jacket well

We pay attention with this sensitive piece which, badly adapted, leads to fashion faux pas. So we take good care of find a harmonious cut according to his silhouette. The lanky can do almost anything: mid-long or short, adjusted, curved or oversize.
The more voluptuous will prefer a mid-length model to camouflage coated hips for example, or a cut "trapeze" pure lines for more style and modernity.

Keep in mind thata model too tight can quickly "poke" and tamp the silhouette, including that of the thinnest.

Wear the jacket well

If you choose sports, mix it with a pair of sneakers and denim if possible adjusted and why not a frayed jeansto keep pretty proportions.
To go to the office, opt for a more urban model, with a pair of ankle boots or low boots.
Note that an all-round model with round neck can also quite replace a little jacket, nicely worn on jeans with a blouse and a pair of heels.
And with a dress, we have the right? Yes, provided you have flat shoes with feet that do not rise too high, which could "cut" all the pace; no shoes too elaborate, waders or stilettos, you would lose in chic and modernity. For this option, think of the big sticky wool or opaque, avoid flesh and transparent sails.

It's your turn !

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