Dr. Saldmann's health prescription: 10 smart tips to take care of your body

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Dr. Saldmann's health prescription: 10 smart tips to take care of your body

In your last book, you defend the idea that you have to "succeed" to live better ...

When we are not healthy, we lack vital energy. Someone who suffers can hardly be happy. Taking care of your health capital is vital! And, fortunately, it's never too late to correct one's weaknesses and strengthen oneself. I wanted to write this book to prove that one can take one's health in hand with very simple gestures.

For you, this is primarily due to strict hygiene measures?

Yes, because they allow us to avoid getting sick for nothing, especially in times of gastro or flu where a little rigor can prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Sleeping enough is just as important: people who sleep less than 7 hours a night are three times more likely to get the flu. If you sleep too little (5 hours a night or less), you can always catch up on weekends by sleeping more than 9 hours. Sleeping in the morning resets the counters. To avoid spoiling, overtime spent in bed reinforces the libido. Sexuality also has a role to play: 12 sexual intercourse per month is ten years more life expectancy.

How does food play a vital role?

Food is an essential fuel: if you eat properly, you will feel better. But we should not eat at 40 years old or at 20 years old. The kidney, the liver ... our organs are not in the same state to eliminate. Better to moderate its caloric intake: 30% fewer calories, it's 20% more life.

To eat less, one must learn to listen to the signals of one's body, and to sit down to table only when one is hungry. Another interesting track: the sequential fast, which consists of only 2 meals instead of 3. We made a lot of discoveries on the subject last year. If you stop eating for 14 hours and just drink water or hot drinks without sugar, you give your body time to regenerate. Cholesterol, tension, inflammation ... all the doors of the disease fall. Before you practice it, you must check the absence of contraindications (hypoglycemia) with your doctor.

Discover Dr. Saldmann's health prescription: 10 smart tips to take care of your body

* Author of Vital! (Albin Michel editions)

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