Dress and strong chest: which model to adopt? Our advice and all the latest trends

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Dress and strong chest: which model to adopt? Our advice and all the latest trends

The temperatures become a little lenient with the arrival of sunny days. The opportunity for you to reveal your footwork in a pretty dress with a lovely neckline. But here, your strong chestis more of a problem than a real asset. From then on, you envy your girlfriends for whom dressing is proving to be child's play. Because as the saying goes so well: "Mini chest, maxi décolleté". Except for you, with the necklines, you are afraid to dive into the vulgar. Do not lock yourself in the rising collar! Solutions exist to be beautiful and elegant in dress. Discover our advice and our selection to find the dress that will sublimate your strong chest.

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1 / Opt for a nice neckline

This is the number 1 rule! With a neckline in line with your chestyou will feel as comfortable as you are feminine. In a snap of fingers, and with the perfect indentation, your complex will turn into your most beautiful asset. However, when you have to buy a new dress, a question comes directly to your mind: neckline or not? And yes, because in life, there are always two distinct teams: one who assumes their strong chest and that of the most shy. For the first teamwe have only one piece of advice to give you: let go! If you like your chest, go for a dress at neckline plunging. This year, the new collections of dresses are not stingy. On the long dresses with floral print or on the minidressesPleated, this devastating cleavage will turn heads. For a glamorous effect, you can succumb to the charms of the wrap dress with the delicate V neckline. This neckline lengthens the bust and subtly reveals the incipient curve of your chest. Openly sexy or wisely evocative, the neckline is one of your weapons (fearsome) of seduction provided you know how to play. What's better, for a romantic evening or party until the end of the night, put on your pretty strapless dress. The cards are in your hands to wake up your Bomba Latina side.

On the contrary, if you play for the other team instead, do not worry. More delicate necklines sit on the dresses of the season for an effect just as sexy. Both chic and glamorous, the round collar is the indrostable of your wardrobe. By delicately revealing your bust, it will give you an elegant look every day. And if you want to venture into a more open neckline, the boat neck is ideal for strong breasts. Sexy while still elegant, this neck lets guess your shapes without revealing too much. Another significant advantage: it releases the upper body and thus lighten the silhouette. Finally a last collar comes to slip into your dressing room. The shirt collar befits all breasts. If you want to play the femme fatale, you can always unbutton the top of your shirt dress to reveal with sensuality your pretty underwear.

2 / Adopt the right cuts

The key to the ideal dress when you have a strong chest is based on the attention paid to your figure. The sun pointing its few rays, you want to denude your pretty shoulders. To make you feel comfortable and feminine, be careful with braces of your outfit. Choose them wide enough, as for your bras, for a better support. If you are more cautious, you can always have a penchant for the wrap dress short-sleeved that offers a good compromise between elegance and comfort. In cotton, linen or silk, this cup dope your cleavage and lends itself to all occasions. If you have a morphology in H (ie the small size, the chest in the continuity of your hips), put on a dress with straight and short cut. And why not also crack for a trapeze dress who can camouflage a bit your curves. On the contrary, you have rather a wasp waist, add in your dressing a fitted dress just below your chest to highlight it.

Finally, as said so well Karl Lagerfeld : "One is never too much, not enough dressed with a little black dress. ". Whether V neck or boat neck, this outfit is the ultimate in elegance and its dark color does not draw attention to the top of your body.

3 / Pitfalls to avoid

We know you, if your chest is your number 1 complex, you have the annoying habit of wanting to hide it. Gold, definitely give up on turtlenecks and uprights. These will tend to enclose the top of your body and to thicken your silhouette somewhat. Even if summer is coming and you crave lightness and vaporous materials, resist the trend of flounces and other embroidery delicately placed on the V necklines. These fantasies will give more volume to your cheste (something you absolutely want to avoid!). Finally, we abandon once and for all too large prints that make a magnifying glass on the bust.

With all these tips, you just have to find the model that will sublimate your strong chest. One thing is sure with our selection of dresses adapted to strong breastsyou will just love yourself!

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