Dry, dull or sensitive skin: solutions to get rid of imperfections

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Dry, dull or sensitive skin: solutions to get rid of imperfections

A stroke of stress, a change of rhythm, a hormonal imbalance, a less healthy diet ... and the imperfections take advantage of it to make their return! If this inflammation of the skin caused by hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands is not a fatality, it requires to disappear that we apply a tailor-made program, to be defined according to its type of skin.

My skin is sensitive

The difficulty lies in treat the epidermis without attacking it. Bet on Zincol or niacinamide, a group B vitamin with anti-sweat and anti-wrinkle properties, able to restore the barrier function of the skin and reduce blemishes.

Side makeup. Choose from complexion products with simplified formulas and specially designed for intolerant skin because it is enriched with hyaluronic acid or anti-inflammatory thermal water.

My skin is marked

From age 35, some face a double problem: imperfections persist and the first signs of age settle. To treat both wrinkles and imperfections, bet on assets like AHA or retinol, which act on both planes. If the wrinkles are already well established, treat the pimples in the morning and go to the anti-aging care at night.

Side makeup. Your complexion product should not be over-covering to avoid becoming comedogenic, migrate into the grooves and underline them. The ideal? A treating BB cream to camouflage, heal and moisturize.

My skin is dull

Opt for a night care based on glycolic acid anti-inflammatory or salicylic acid antibacterial, to refine the skin texture, eliminate dead skin cells and cleanse the epidermis. In the morning, apply a serum special brillianceand, once a week, perform a scrub and purifying mask to thoroughly cleanse.

Side makeup. Trust foundation enhanced with light reflective pigments to correct in transparency. If your imperfections are localized, just fade them with a correction stick, then powder to fix.

My skin is dry

To rebalance and treat, start by reviewing your makeup remover ritual by swapping your tonic against a micellar water moisturizing anti-sebum. In the morning, a floral water is enough to clean the skin and tighten the pores. Then apply a cream capable of rebalancing the skin barrier while preventing the formation of new imperfections.

Side makeup. Unify with the help ofa creamy foundation, rich in ceramides and vitamin PP to regulate the production of sebum. No need to apply on the entire face, you can just put it on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) to unify in lightness.

My skin is irregular

When the skin becomes oily, the pores expand to facilitate the evacuation of the sebum. So you have to bet on a care able to regulate the production of sebum, which makes it possible to limit the glosses, and in the end, to tighten the pores. And if it has a sun protection factor, it's even better!

Makeup side. No way to give up your foundation! But to avoid the piquet effect of the textures that are deposited in the hollows, prefer a fluid formula without fat phaseor even a tinted cream, light and easily stretchable.

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