Eco-responsible swimsuits: these models canons that respect the environment!

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Eco-responsible swimsuits: these models canons that respect the environment!

As the big vacations arrive, you are deploying all your energy to find the perfect swimsuit that will make you a naiad silhouette on the seashore. If your swimwear is essential as your best companion of the summer, it turns out to be especially polluting. Often designed in polyester, they release microplastics released into the oceans after washing.

In order to limit the negative impact of this essential, some brands have not lacked ingenuity and creativity to offer stylish and eco-friendly models. And if your future bikini was in the range of eco-responsible brands?

Swimwear: eco-friendly and trendy pieces!

Unlike what the Aqua group sang, "Life in plastic, is not fantastic" ! Every year, eight billion tons of plastic are poured into the oceans. As time passes, brands are committed to using less climate-friendly materials by opting for 100% recycled and innovative fabrics.

One-piece swimsuits, bikinis, triangle tops or a 50's-inspired haircut, trendy designs unfold in completely recycled materials. To strut in the sun, Hoppal launched his first swimwear made from fishing nets and marine litter collected on the high seas on the beaches. This year, the French brand has decided to turn plastic into swimsuits with a chic spirit and sportswear. Speaking of sport, yogawear brand Kitiwake has signed a refined collaboration with Ysé underwear brand. appointed "Balance on the water" this collection consists of two models made from recycled nylon yarns. In the category of good students also appear Balzac Paris and Coco Frio with jerseys just as irresistible as ecological!

Even some fast fashion brands have decided to go green. This year, Monki launched its very first collection of sustainable jerseys made from recycled polyester and polyamide. An initiative that is part of the ethical shift that the brand wants to take to use only recycled or more sustainable materials by 2030. Well done!

And contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly fashion follows very closely the latest trends of the season. Swimsuits come out claws to impose their reign this summer. Theleopard print performs tasks on indented bikinis and other very sensual models. A retro wind is also blowing on the bearers of the collections spring-summer 2019. Frilly on the shoulders, gingham and elegant gathers are deposited on these fashion pieces. And to fill up with vitamins under the sun, citrus and other tangy hues are also found in your suitcase. With their sporty or glamorous looksThese eco-responsible swimsuits are perfect to accompany you to the beach and make beautiful shots 100% instagrammables!

It's up to you to play the stylish and green sirens this summer! You will wreak havoc!

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