Electric Epilator: 5 tips to reduce pain

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Electric Epilator: 5 tips to reduce pain

1 / Prepare your skin

For hair removal to be effective and less painful, the skin needs to be well prepared. How? By making scrubs, for example. The goal is to get rid of the dead skin so that all the hair is accessible, but also to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs. You can do it yourself: just mix coffee grounds with a vegetable oil of your choice, such as sweet almond or olive oil, to mix everything together and to massage the area to be depilated.

2 / Avoid the period of the rules

A few days before this period of the cycle, women are much more sensitive to pain. Indeed, the hormones make sensations more intense: wait a few days after the start of the rules or several days before you attack your hair.

3 / Epilating short hairs

If the regrowth is too short, the device may not detect it, that is why the hair must have a minimum length. However, do hair removal if they are too long you will wrong. The trick? Cut them to the right length (a few millimeters depending on the devices) to get a impeccable result and feel the least bit of tension.

4 / Vary the speed

The speed at which the epilator works can be set according to areas to be treated. So, for the underarm shirt or armpits, very sensitive, you can slow down the pace. Another tip: you have to make sure to go from the bottom up and hold the device straight without pressing too much on the skin (it is not necessary if the hair is long enough).

5 / Think cold

As soon as the pain is too strong, press your hand on the shaved area to calm the pain. And just after the session, apply a cream or fresh gel previously placed in the fridge: the cold soothes redness and will alleviate post-epilation pain. No care on hand? Simply pass a stream of fresh water.

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