Electric epilator: how to choose it?

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Electric epilator: how to choose it?

Points to watch out for

The size of the head
If it is thin and short, it will allow you to accurately epilate the jersey or underarms. If it is wide, you can work larger areas much faster, such as your legs or forearms.

The number of tweezers
They are the ones who remove the hair and ensure the effectiveness of hair removal. If there are many, between 40 and 60 ideally, you will certainly need only one pass per zone and you will save time.

The accessories
Some epilators are sold with different clipping heads that add a razor function, foot grater or exfoliating brush to the device. This in general justifies the price differences between the different products.

The wet & dry
This technology makes it possible to use the epilator in the shower or bath. A very valuable function that makes the session a little less painful because, under the effect of heat, the pores expand and extraction of the hair is thus facilitated.

Use it well

After the shower and after exfoliating your skin, place the appliance vertically in the area to be depilated and then go back to the direction of hair growth. Make a slow and gradual movement, without putting too much pressure on your skin.

The good gesture

If your epilator can be used underwater, put some non-exfoliating shower gel on the head to create a creamy lather.

The checklist
- Average price: 55 €
- Lifespan: about 5 years
- Hair regrowth: 3 to 4 weeks
- The extra stuff: the light function for perfect visibility

our selection

Nomadic. Silk Epil 3, Braun, 34,99 €. / Ultra-complete. ES-EL9A, Panasonic, € 149. / Little price. Satinelle Epilator HP6419 / 01, Philips, € 22.99.

Thanks to Alexandra Maffei, Panasonic France Product Manager.

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