Eva Longoria: all her best hairstyles in pictures

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Eva Longoria: all her best hairstyles in pictures

If there is one thing that we want to the beautiful Eva Longoria (in addition to his eternal smile) it is his dream hair. Revealed in the world by her role of femme fatale in the series of Marc Cherry Desperate Housewives, the beautiful Latino has long since proved that she was also a beauty icon. L'Oréal Paris Egeria for many years, the one who has recently experienced the joys of motherhood loves to play his passion on the red carpet. Present at Cannes Film Festival for decades, the event is always an opportunity to watch the fashion and beauty evolutions of the star and this for more than a decade.

A natural beauty

The actress has remained natural despite the glory and the years that pass, indeed it remains as fresh as it started. Particular attention is paid to her lioness mane, and it must be said that Eva Longoria is an example. After what is probably close to a million hours of blow-drying, the lengths of the young mother are still vigorous. Outraged their appearanceit's also the way she wears them that inspires us. When they do not fall cascading brown on her shoulders, her hair is carefully raised in gracious chignons or more complex hairstyles. What give ideas to those who are desperate to spice up their hair life.

How to maintain her hair like Eva Longoria?

Ultra glossy, thick and supple, Eva Longoria's hair embodies Hollywood glamor at its height. according to his friend and hairdresser Ken Paves, the beautiful would have a routine of the most simple and healthy. Washing with lukewarm water (so as not to attack the scalp) two to three times a week, the use of a thermoprotector at each blow-dry, intense hydration via masks and conditioners and above all, a regular passage at home. the hairdresser to be pampered to the maximum. Obviously we do not all have the same budget so we will be satisfied with the first steps.

Find the best hairstyles of Eva Longoria in pictures

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Discover the physical evolution of Eva Longoria in pictures:

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