Evening makeup for redheads

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Evening makeup for redheads

Through competent makeup a woman can emphasize all her beauty and individuality, as well as hide skin imperfections. Every woman has her own makeup secrets, but the most important thing is to know the basics of makeup.

evening make-up brighter and more intense, it should be the final point of your evening look.


fashion makeupOne of the important factors for good evening makeup is a well-groomed, even skin. When choosing a tone, red-haired women, it should be borne in mind that the foundation should be based on yellow pigment. Owners of lighter skin should give preference to shades of ivory, dark skin – beige.

On previously cleansed and moisturized skin, evenly apply the foundation. We mask problem areas of the skin with a corrector. We fix our makeup with powder and remove unwanted shine. IN evening makeup for redheads it is better to use transparent loose powder golden or bronze.


fashion makeupDraw an even contour along the upper eyelid with an eyeliner. Can be used for evening makeup black brown or dark blue pencil. For more bright spectacular makeup it is better to use liquid eyeliner.

For evening make-up redhead women can choose shades of rich green and blue tones, golden, beige, chocolate, olive, terracotta shades will also look advantageous. Redheads should avoid purple, turquoise, crimson and snowy white flowers. Apply shadows. Look very impressive in evening makeup shadows with a lot of nacre. Apply lighter, pastel shadows to the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrows, the outer edge – darker and more saturated. The inner corner of the eyes can be lightened with light pearlescent shadows. You can use glitter shadows, the main thing is to know when to stop. After applying the shadows, correct the eye contour with a pencil again.

bright eyes in evening makeupRed-haired women suitable mascara for brown and burgundy shades, for the evening you can use black or color. For more bright evening makeup it is better to apply mascara in two layers. IN evening makeup you can use false eyelashes or glue some eyelashes at the corners of your eyes. This will make your eyes even more expressive.

Moving on to the eyebrows. You need to shape the eyebrows the day before application makeupto avoid redness after correction with tweezers. The ideal eyebrow shape is a very important factor for a beautiful spectacular makeup
For more expressiveness of the eyebrows, emphasize with an eyebrow pencil.
In this case, the pencil should match the tone of the hair or be a tone darker. Draw the eyebrows from the inner edge to the outer edge with small strokes, then comb to blend and the eyebrows look the most natural.


fashionable makeup for redheadsIt is best to apply the blush with a special blush brush and blend well from the cheekbone to the hairline. Red-haired women blush of natural shades with luminous particles are best suited: bronze, peach, coral, terracotta. Redhead dark and bright colors are contraindicated. Natural red-haired girls practically don’t need blush – they have it natural. If the hair color is not natural, then it is better to use blush in warm pink colors.


Apply foundation or powder to the lips. We draw the contour of the lips, while using a lip liner to match the lipstick or a tone darker, (with thin lips, you can step back a little from the lip line to give them volume), then apply lipstick. Lipstick for redheads is best used in warm colors – caramel peach chocolate. Shine bright lipstick for redheads it is better to choose with gold particles. For durability, it is better to blot your lips with a napkin after the first layer of lipstick and apply another layer of lipstick. To make the lips seem more plump and sensual, apply a little gloss over the lipstick.

Do not forget one of the main rules in makeup – either eyes or lips should be bright, if you ate lipstick with gloss or just use gloss, then it is better to choose matte shadows.

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