Exfoliation, peeling, lotion: what exfoliant to choose for perfect skin?

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Exfoliation, peeling, lotion: what exfoliant to choose for perfect skin?

When the complexion becomes dull and the skin lacks homogeneity, it is time to exfoliate it so that it regains brightness and regularity. Also called "scrub", this gesture helps to take off the dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the epidermis, clutter and prevent it from returning the light. Once the skin is thoroughly cleansed and perfectly smoothed, the complexion regains its freshness. Use for this an exfoliating product once a week : apply it on wet skin in circular motions to standardize and revive the microcirculation. And do not forget to enjoy your neck which also requires a regular scrub to keep skin in good shape!

1 / The gummy scrub

What is it about ? Cream or jelly contains small grains. Just massage it in circular motion on wet skin, so that the particles mechanically take off the dead cells and stimulate microcirculation.

It's ideal for? Normal to combination skin that appreciates this deep cleansing.

2 / The peeling

What is it about ? A gelled texture rich in fruit acids which applies on dry skin. After a few minutes of pause, the mild acids dissolve the bonds between the dead cells to unstick them and eliminate them with rinsing.

It's ideal for? Dry or sensitive skin that does not support the scrubs with grains, too abrasive.

3 / The scrub powder

What is it about ? A very fine powder that contains a low dosage of acid, coupled to a care asset. You have to pour a small amount into the palm of your hand, lather it with a little water and use it instead of a cleaning product.

It's ideal for? Fragile skin that wants to dose the product for a result that is both soft and made-to-measure.

4 / In lotion

What is it about ? From a liquid solution containing acidic active agents able to take off dead cells and the toxins that are eliminated during the passage of the cotton. It is used daily, preferably in the evening.

It's ideal for? A cure of radiance: after one month the skin shines and its grain is tightened.

What is it about ? A vegetable fiber sponge that is used in circular massage to clean the skin. Its highly absorbent fibers allow a gentle daily exfoliation as they attract toxins and dead cells.

It's ideal for? Decreasing the number of products becomes routine: its exfoliating action dispenses with exfoliation.

6 / In fabric mask

What is it about ? From a microfiber mask pre-soaked with active scrubs (including fruit acids) to make a new skin smoothly.

It's ideal for? An immediate flash: perfect to regain brightness and make the complexion glow before a big event.

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