Eye Makeup: 4 incredible tips to soften the bulging eyes

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Eye Makeup: 4 incredible tips to soften the bulging eyes

1 / Correctly correct dark circles

It is "The basis for reducing the shape of protruding eyes"says Laure Bourgeois, make-up artist Laura Mercier. She advises to apply a concealer adapted to her skin tone for hide the colors in purple, green or yellow tones. "Do not forget the inner corner of the eye, very dark, which digs the eye and makes even more eye.

2 / Work the flush of the eyelashes

That's another magic trick for reduce the volume from his eyes. It's about taking an eye shadow to the hue dark enough and come and draw a line that follows the bottom lashes using a very fine brush. To be more modern, you can "Smoke" all, that is to say, to fade a little the line to give it a more natural look. Be careful: work the pencil or eye shadow, being careful not to stretch the material too much, you could create an effect "Panda eye". To further reduce your look, you can "Put some of black pencil or kohl in the lining of the eye ", explains Laure Bourgeois.

3 / Do not abuse light colors

Just play with the shadows: this will help narrow the look. "Above all, avoid creating volume by using too light colors below the brow bone or the inner corner of the eye "explains the expert. Instead, bet on other darker shades like taupe, black, brown ... The rule is not to "do not put bright colors on the eyelid", completes the expert.

4 / Use your liner

The protruding eyes tend to look even more round when the eyeliner is applied from the inner corner of the eye to the end. "That's why you have to draw your line from the last third of the eyeball", advises the make-up artist. The goal : look longer!

Thanks to Laure Bourgeois, make-up artist Laura Mercier, for her advice.

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