Eye makeup: the trend of the golden make-up

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Eye makeup: the trend of the golden make-up

Gold at the coast. And he even invites himself on your eyes. There are many ways to adopt the golden look. Your eyes are big? Bet on a smoky-eye. On the contrary, they are rather small? Work the eye shadow only on the eyelid to open your eyes.

1 / A smoky-eye gold

After spreading a base for the eyelids, apply the eye shadow and then apply a black shadow at the outer corner and in the hollow. Intensify the inside of the eye with a black pencil. A make-up Ultra-glamorous to avoid on a drooping eyelid. Bet on makeup satin effects for a canon result.

2 / On the entire mobile eyelid

This metallic shade with glittering highlights is beautiful on skin and clear eyes. To obtain a beautiful intensity, apply the powder or cream on the finger and then blur the contours with a brush up to the folds of the eye.

3 / In touch at the inner corner of the eye

Ideal for illuminating Hazel eyes or brown, this elegant color is unstoppable to enlarge the look. Using a pencil, place the material at the inside corner, going up slightly along the lower and upper lash lines. Your eye looks bigger and the result is ultra-bright.

Thanks to Jérôme Sandevoir, makeup artist Dr. Pierre Ricaud.

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Also adopt the metallic eyelid!

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