Eyebrow Tints ▷ Types, Marks and Tones 【Learn how to Apply】

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Eyebrow Tints ▷ Types, Marks and Tones 【Learn how to Apply】

When you want to give a new color to your hair you always think about the hair of the hair that you wear on your head but you reduce the importance of your eyebrows and that is why today I am going to show you how to make your eyebrows look more beautiful and bushy .

Through the eyebrow tints that are so fashionable nowadays you will be able to wear them as you like them, keeping the color in a natural way and above all wearing the tonality that best fits your face and eyes.

There is a tendency in recent years to wear thick, bushy eyebrows and well-populated hairs unlike previous decades on the fashion catwalks you saw outlined and narrow almost non-existent eyebrows in the models.

That is why eyebrow dyeing was given so much importance because on the one hand it allows you to give it the tone and range of color you need to combine with your hair but also to cover areas where you do not have cover.

I will teach you step by step how to apply in your home in a fast and simple way to be beautiful in your eyebrow coloring.

Eyebrow dyeing also took center stage when it became so fashionable microblading where it is applied in the epidermis and you can populate much more the eyebrow but considering that it lasts about a year.

Homemade Eyebrow Tint

The first thing you have to consider is that all these techniques are mostly to do at home in a house and spend the least money possible.

Of course you can go to a beauty salon and they will do it but because of the little that can last you sometimes it is convenient to learn the same to be dyed of the eyebrows as of the hair.

Everything can be done while you pay attention, practice and have patience that is very important in everything that is beauty and makeup.

dye for eyebrows shapes

Dyes for semi-permanent eyebrows

To make up the eyebrows with semi-permanent dye there is a very comfortable way that I tried lately that is the Tattoo Brow by Maybelline New York

She clarified that the makeup company does not pay me to say this but if they read it they could give a contribution to the reading friends and avoid their products 😍

Seriously speaking, it is undoubtedly a great step forward because of the neat completion that leaves you but also because of how practical it is to perform.

The only counter is that it lasts only 3 days so you have to consider using it for a party, event or an important outing that you have.

  1. First you have to find your tone that you can do with the brush by putting on your wrist different tracings and see which is closer to the tone of your skin pigmentation.
  2. You have for dark the dark brown, for chestnuts the medium brown and for blondes the light brown.
  3. Apply with the brush of the product from the end of the inner eyebrow that is the widest part to the part of the outer eyebrow that is the narrowest, you have to apply following the shape of your eyebrow.
  4. At the first moment you see yourself you will think that the tone is very dark but you have to stay calm because it is only the first stage where it will later become clearer.
  5. If for some reason the makeup of the eyebrow is not perfect you can correct using a cotton swab and micellar water that will allow you to perfectly delineate the eyebrows.
  6. You have to let the product dry for 20 minutes so that it takes well the dye in your hair of the eyebrows and during a day you do not have to touch up.
  7. Then you have to take from one end of your eyebrow and remove the layer that was made with extreme care from the center of the forehead to the end.
  8. Ready you will have a super natural result.

As you can see it's a very simple way to do it, that's why I like this product so much, but if you want to do it in a different way without the Tattoo brow You can follow the following steps.

Steps to make the semi-permanent eyebrow dye at home

  1. As a first step what you have to do is leave the entire area around the eyebrows clean of hairs that remain so with a tweezer you have to remove every hair you find. (With this you will achieve a finish and perfection in detail much better by adding the tone you chose to stand out.) If you have doubts as to remove the hair you can go to a beauty salon where they will leave it perfectly.
  2. Now with a cotton and alcohol you have to go over the forehead covering your eyebrows to eliminate any type of residue or grease that the skin has as it can be previous makeup.
  3. With a dye for powdered hair (in my case it is dark brown) choose the tone that best fits you as much as possible to match the hair color you use to make it more natural and as far as possible without ammonia. You also need a container with a little water to mix and a small brush of angular shape and thin bristles to apply the dye easily.
  4. Mix the product between the water and the coloring powder with the same brush that you will apply to regulate the thickness you will use to apply.
  5. When you already have the dye in the brush you start to mark with the brush your eyebrow by means of small touches the hairs until dragging the tincture so that it is impregnated in the skin.
  6. You always have to follow the shape of your own natural eyebrow, you do not want to make the shape of another face, otherwise you will notice that you use your own as a guide.
  7. As you apply the dye you will notice that a thick layer will form which means you are on the right path.
  8. In the final part of the eyebrow always remember to be careful to make a very thin stroke since it is essential to define the shape.
  9. With a stick of ear or hyssop you emphasize the limits where you passed or there is color where it does not have to exist. You can also help with a baby wipe to delineate the area well.
  10. It is the moment where you have to wait 10 minutes to let it take the tonality you chose.
  11. After spent the estimated time you have to remove with a damp cotton or wet baby towels and rub gently on the eyebrows. You have to do it from back to front in the direction from the outside towards the middle of the forehead.

Permanent Eyebrow Tint

Here I will explain how to implement dye for eyebrows permanently but also taking advantage of the video how to apply the tint for lashes that will surely serve you if you want to learn.

How to apply tint for eyebrows steps

Makeup remover: start removing makeup from the eyebrows even if you are not makeup with this will allow you to have all the skin clean of impurities. You can do the same with a water-based eye make-up remover.

Permanent Gel: With a Naranjo Stick or a hyssop you can add a small portion of permanent gel to paint the entire area of ​​the eyebrows.

Film Paper: Cover with an osmotic film and a bandeau on the forehead.

15 minutes as Maximum: when you spend the first 2 minutes you remove the bandeau or scarf and then the osmotic film to observe how the hairs of the eyebrows are taking the pigmentation that you expected and that they are as neat as possible. Then cover again repeating the process every 2 minutes to have an exact control of the tonality and at the most you should leave 15 minutes no more than that, if you get the expected color before you can remove it.

Remove Permanent Gel: once the estimated time needed for your hairs has passed, then you can remove the gel with a cotton swab that is dry in your preference so you can wipe off the excess. As a council you have to do it from the middle of the forehead to the outside following the natural tendency of your hairs.

Neutralizing: with another cotton swab you can apply neutralizing on each eyebrow and then cover again with the osmotic film and the scarf or bandeau that you use, letting it apply for 10 to 15 minutes more.

Facial protective cream: apply with a swab a protective face cream that you have trying not to touch the hair of the eyebrows, so at first I told you to be as neat as possible so that you can work easier, faster and easier.

Prepare the color: you have to have a godet of makeup where you are going to mix the color you selected using the eyebrow tint, calculating that for every 2 cm of dye you are going to use you will have to apply a special solution of gel dye.

Application: to apply what you have to do first is to add the dye in the eyebrows but in the opposite direction to the hair by means of a small brush (you can buy a special dye brush), then to continue apply the dye in the direction in favor of the hairs of the eyebrows To be neat and natural with a brush, comb gently to ensure that the coloring liquid takes all the hair in a uniform way.

Exposition: let it rest for another 15 minutes and then remove the product with a cotton ball that is moistened with lukewarm water or simply tap.

To finish what you have to do is with a brush comb for eyebrows, comb using a regenerating eyelash cream and if you can have Argan oil much better as it is more nutritious for its properties.

Eyebrow tint how long does it last?

The semi-permanent eyebrow dye lasts approximately between 3 days and a week depending on how it is applied.

On the other hand, the permanent eyebrow dye can last 30 to 40 days depending on the tone and pigmentation of the skin.

dye for eyebrows colors

Dye eyebrows with Henna

Putting henna dye on your eyebrows is not what I recommend most having other options but many of you know that they are interested to know and I will explain them to you at each step.

  1. First you have to shave your eyebrows so that the final makeup will be much more tidy.
  2. To finish the cleaning, add oxygenated water of 10 volumes on the eyebrows.
  3. Prepare the powdered henna with hot water in a container as much as possible of glass and a spoon that is made of wood to mix. With 10 drops of mineral water is enough in a small amount of henna powder.
  4. Now to that preparation you add a drop of eyebrow fixative and mix again.
  5. With a thin brush with a small tip, start applying the henna you prepared on the eyebrows.
  6. To apply, always start on the side that is wider than the eyebrow and press the brush well so that it is well painted between the hairs.
  7. With a cotton swab you moisten it well on its tip with water and press it to remove all excess liquid.
  8. With the wet cotton swab you can delineate your eyebrow well but also remove all kinds of imperfections or excesses.
  9. Then with a wooden stick spread the henna over the eyebrow in a uniform way to make it more natural.
  10. Keep repeating the process until it is perfect as you like it.
  11. The next step is to let it dry for 20 minutes so that the tincture is applied in the area.
  12. With a cotton that is moistened in water begins to remove all the henna in your eyebrows
  13. To finish you can apply a bit of balm so you do not get irritated.

Eyebrow tint marks

There are different brands of professional eyebrow tints that focus mainly on this area of ​​the body.

Among them I'll name the ones I know but if you know any other you can name it in the comments to be able to make it known.

Among them there are these products that you can buy:

  • Thuya
  • Dermolash
  • Maybelline New York

I am testing this last one lately and it gives me excellent results.

Where to buy tint for eyebrows?

There are different places you can buy on the one hand in a pharmacy or a cosmetics that is always better to go for the first time in a personal way to these places because they will give you specific advice for what you need.

On the other hand, buying it through ecommerce or online stores you can do it when you already know what you are going to buy and the type of eyebrow color that you are going to use because you have already tried it before.

That is why stores like Mercadolibre, Amazon or beauty salons that make their sales online or in person are the best option.

Shades of tints for eyebrows

Within cosmetics for women you can find different types of hair dyes and each one specializes in different parts of the body.

The most common when you talk about dyes is to think about the hair of the head to give a color to your hair as you wish.

But the makeup evolved and also marketing, and it was realizing both stylists and professionals of beauty salons that applying the same product for the head and eyebrows or eyelashes is a big mistake.

Since the part of the eyebrows is more sensitive in some cases and it is better to use a special product developed for that area of ​​your body.

Always try to contain some plus like for example keratin, aloe vera and as much as possible the benefits of argan oil, since all this gives it greater brightness and at the same time re hydrates all kinds of damaged hair that you have.

I leave this picture that I liked about how your eyebrows should look according to the shape of your face.

Types of Eyebrows according to your type and face shape

Types of eyebrows depends on the face shape

Also check that it is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested since that assures you that you do not have an allergic reaction on your skin that could ruin that beautiful moment.

Within the tones and colors there are different as it greatly influences the skin pigmentation of each woman and the hair color that is had when applied.

The colors of eyebrow tints that exist and are the most used are:

Light brown: this type of tonality is highly recommended when you have blond hair, as well as brown or light brown. A nice combination is if you are a redhead because it gives a good contrast for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Reddish chestnut: If you have dark eyebrows or mahogany the best dye for black eyebrows is to use the reddish brown tone since you will get a more natural tone but above all always try to clarify previously with a blond tint of eyebrows.

Brown: when you want to find a natural color in the eyelashes or eyebrows without a doubt the stain with the brown tone is the best option and especially if you have very dark eyebrows in their color.

Intense Black: inside the black tones you have different ranges that can be a pure black color as well as something less tenuous in this case can be used for any type of skin pigmentation, although it is always advisable to apply the softest layer to the most intense in the color.

Bluish Black: to have greater luminosity it is advisable to use a black color with bluish tints to get a greater shine in eyebrows and eyelashes.

Graphite: if you have gray brows or gray is your tonality, then this is your color that you should choose since it will darken you to a dark gray that will benefit your image by rejuvenating your hair.

As you will notice at this point there are different types of tints for eyebrows but it depends on what you want to do and improve your look with these very simple tips to make.

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