Eyeglasses, our 20 favorites

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Eyeglasses, our 20 favorites

Do not say "binocles" anymore. In just a few years, glasses have become a fashion accessory. Today, having the sight down is no longer synonymous with punishment. The proof: even those who do not suffer from myopia or presbyopia use and abuse to give themselves little looks of intellectual, artist and working girl!
Why this change of status? Because specialized designers, like Jean-François Rey, work hand in hand with the style notebooks. Each year, they peel materials, colors and the most pointed looks to give their collections a crazy look while pushing further technical innovations.

What models of eyeglasses to adopt in 2019?

Beyond correcting, it is important to find a model in line with his desires and his style. Something that makes you forget the troubles of sight without taking anything off your look. Better: by bringing a small supplement of soul. " We always find a lot of round and acetate: commercially, it works a lot. But we also see more and more mixture of materials on the frames: they have the effect of bringing immediate added value to the productexplains Dominique Cuvillier, fashion consultant for the SILMO (the annual show for glasses pros). As for the wired mounts, they are more architectured, which de-trivialises the telescope ".

What glasses for a working girl look?

Nothing likea pair of glasses rather round or slightly oval tortoiseshellwho plays the card of simplicity. Simple does not mean boring: like last year, brands played on mixtures of materials (stone with metal and acetate) and colors (ambers more or less dark) to propose models full of subtlety. The ultimate?
Good too: square shapes more masculine, do not hesitate to wear with looks tomboy based on, suit, tall trousers and trendy boots. And to be on top, we love itoctagonal frames, the small geometrical shape that is preferred by the makers of glasses for 2019.
Not to mention the new indispensable working girl: the pair of anti-blue light glasses. The one you draw as soon as you feel his eyes tired from dragging hours behind his computer. It is with this kind of model that filters up to 40% of the blue light that the Izipizi brand has built its success story, adding more and more models to their collections now for reading.

What glasses to play it cool?

Bet on safe values which have proven themselves over time as avian forms popularized by Ray-Ban. Years after its creation, the famous pilot still has not taken a ride! " But it is renewed with the form "egg". Eyes look like eggs, bridges are more assertive, it's more modern "Says fashion consultant Dominique Cuvillier.

Coolitude guaranteed if you combine them with a total jean look and a British trench, who also have the art of crossing the ages without ever becoming obsolete.

What glasses to seduce?

Play with mystery and reconnect with the style of movie starlets of the great Hollywood era. And that's good, brands draw today in their archives to stand out so-called "vintage" models with butterfly, cat eye or fly frames. Sometimes ornamented with jewels or rhinestones, glamorous effect and red carpet guaranteed!

What glasses to go out?

If you want us to notice you glasses with oversize lines, thick and sometimes eccentric. To you especially the fine but gilded frames, very (very) present in the collections of 2019.
In the evening you can also allow yourself to play on a more girly, Lolita way (you see Stanley Kubrick's movie poster with the heart glasses?). This is the opportunity or never to dare frames in translucent acetate in marshmallow colors.

How to choose your pair of glasses: the golden rule?

Of course, before asking the question of shopping and trends, we must already think about choosing a model that is perfectly suited to his eyesight, his face and his morphology. You are also told how to choose your glasses.

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