Eyelashes: how to make them stronger and longer?

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Eyelashes: how to make them stronger and longer?

How it works ?

The life of the eyelashes consists of 3 phases before the fall : anagen, they grow, catagen, it is the end of production of the eyelash, the hair bulb goes up slowly, telogen, the period of rest, the eyelash remains simply attached. Certain products act during all these phases thanks to the often vegetable complexes (witch hazel, nettle, horse chestnut) which favor the growth, peptides which reinforce the anchorage and slow down their fall and finally, often, with a flower extract red clover that shortens the inactivity phase.

When will I see the results?

Most care promises to expand the fringe in 28 days. The shoot phase is lengthened and the fall decreased, so there are more eyelashes at the same time on the eyelid. But some formulas go even further, integrating actives that increase melanogenesis, that is, the formation of pigments that color the eyelashes. Their brown then becomes more intense and by optical effect, you have the impression to have more.

The right application

It is at the level of the root of the eyelashes that this care must be deposited. For applicators in a liner brush, the pros recommend a movement from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. With a mascara brush, you must catch the eyelashes at the root before going back to the tip. Finally, be aware that if products are tested to be effective with just one application per day, the notices often advise a morning and evening use. The goal: to palliate a possible forgetting!

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