Face care: why seaweed is good for our skin

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Face care: why seaweed is good for our skin

Marine and freshwater algae are the new preferred field of research for the cosmetic industry: there are indeed tens thousands of species still unknown and every day we discover new ones with new properties. If they are as passionate about researchers as they are, they have great similarities with the human body. Their extracellular matrices being close, the cells recognize more easily some molecules derived from algae than others from terrestrial plants. In addition, some the assets they secrete are unique and can not be synthesized. In short, the algae have not finished making us enjoy their benefits!

Palmaria palmata seaweed defatting

What's this ? A red alga that can reach 50 cm and has draining and decongesting properties.

It's good for ... Eliminate accumulated toxins in the eye area and refresh your eyes.

The moisturizing Laminaria Digitata seaweed

What's this ? One of the largest brown algae on the European coast. Rich in alginates and amino acids, it has a very strong moisturizing and nutritive power.

It's good for ... Form a protective and repairing vegetal film on the skin, especially when it is dry and fragile.

Firming Laminaria Ochroleuca seaweed

What's this ? A revitalizing amber seaweed that has the ability to produce its own vital energy.

It's good for ... Fight the loss of density of the epidermis and retexturize the skin by acting on deep wrinkles.

The mattifying Fucus Spiralis alga

What's this ? A brown algae that normalizes the production of sebum to rebalance and mattify the epidermis.

It's good for ... Reduce shine and tighten pores to even skin tone.

Porphyridium microalga soothing and plumping

What's this ? A freshwater microalgae able to reduce skin inflammation and produce omega 3 and 6, antioxidants and carotenoids.

It's good for ... Stimulate the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

The microalgae Spirulina anti-fatigue

What's this ? A blue alga that contains more than 220 molecules useful for the skin (amino acids, trace elements, minerals, vitamins, proteins ...).

It's good for ... All ! A veritable energy pantry, it offers its customized benefits because each skin draws what it needs.

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