Facial care: 5 signs that indicate that your day cream does not suit you

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Facial care: 5 signs that indicate that your day cream does not suit you

1 / An abnormal production of sebum

If your skin shines excessively during the day, it means that your cream is too richthat it contains too many nourishing ingredients. Over time, the accumulation of sebum around the pores can result in the appearance of pimples. In this case, opt for a formula containing only moisturizing actives, like hyaluronic acid.

2 / A feeling of discomfort

Your skin pulls or forms small streaks when you pull it lightly? It means thatshe lacks water and that your facial care does not bring him enough. Our advice: opt for an ultra-moisturizing formula and regularly apply masks for the face. Also remember to clean it with a soft, non-drying care like an oil or a cleansing milk.

3 / Small irritations

When the skin is red, irritated or awarenessit means that it reacts badly to one or more assets present in a treatment. It can also mean that the applied care does not protect it enough from external aggressions. If this is your case, try to identify the asset causing this reaction or opt for a care of an entirely different composition. You can also head to a cream containing assets anti pollution, soothing or anti-stress.

4 / A difficulty to apply it

It happens that a moisturizer does not penetrate easily into the skinlet it leave white marks or make little stuffed animals. This may be a manufacturing defect but also a sign that its galenic is not adapted to your epidermis and that it is wiser to direct you to a different texture. Indeed, some skins are more in line with dry oils, others with jellies or balms.

5 / No effect on the long term

If you have opted for a special skincare, anti-stain, firming or anti-imperfection treatment and do not observe no results after three to four weeks of use, it means that its assets are not effective on your skin. In this case too, it is better to opt for a cream of another brand and observe if results appear after one month.

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