fashion jackets 2021 2022 women’s trends

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fashion jackets 2021 2022 women’s trends

Correctly selected outerwear can emphasize and enhance female attractiveness. A jacket is an integral part of the wardrobe of the fairer sex, so it is especially important to know: what are the trends in the fashion world and what you need to focus on when choosing a jacket this year.

The main rule of the 2021-2022 season is femininity and elegance, diluted with original details. Designers prefer short jackets. Squeak of fashion – cut to the waist, as well as fitted silhouettes.

From last season, biker leather jackets migrated to this one, which are ideal for thin girls, emphasizing their defenselessness. The classics remain unchanged. Fashionable jackets 2021 2022 are models in sporty style, military and safari, they are presented in voluminous models, and their length can reach mid-thigh.

fashion jackets 2021

It is worth paying attention to the details – unusual collars, large pockets, shortened sleeves, decorative elements, shoulder straps, lapels … All this will give the image individuality and originality. Colors are widely presented.

fashion jackets 2022

The following colors are relevant:

  • blue;
  • olive;
  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • brown;
  • grey;
  • red;
  • mint;
  • emerald green;
  • and of course black.

Popular are leopard, floral, abstraction, geometry, plaid and Aztec patterns. The combination of contrasting colors does not go out of fashion.

Leather products do not give up their positions in the new season. Snakeskin-like jackets are welcome. Their colors can range from cream to khaki, including deeper tones. Also, designers prefer suede and nubuck.

fashion women jackets 2021

Fur products have appeared in the collections of most fashion designers: fur collars, trimmings, raw edges, asymmetry should be the key points when choosing a fur jacket. Fashionistas will give preference to shortened fur sheepskin coats.

The discovery of 2021 was women’s polyethylene jackets of various colors – from pastel to acid. The combination of different textures is a distinctive feature of the fashionable jackets of the upcoming season. When choosing a jacket, do not forget about its intended purpose – it should warm you.

fashion women jackets 2022

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