Fashion sneakers 2021: the best models

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Fashion sneakers 2021: the best models

Over the past few years, sneakers and sneakers have become must-have shoes for fashionistas and have appeared in the collections of almost every fashion brand. In addition, more and more sports brands in collaboration with luxury brands present new items and updated versions of their classic models. For example, Reebok and Maison Margiela, Adidas and Stella McCartney, Nike and Dior.

This season, the most fashionable and popular among fashion bloggers and it-girls will be retro-style sneakers (adidas Samba, New balance 990), as well as basketball models (Nike Dunk).

If you are not a fan of retro, then designers recommend paying attention to laconic models in white, which are easy to fit into almost any look. Look for inspiration in the Puma, Veja and Mango collections.

But the hit of sales of recent years – “dad sneakers” seem to be rapidly losing their popularity.

We, in turn, reviewed the latest collections of famous brands and selected for you 10 best pairs!

New Balance Core 990 Trainers

Price: 16 110 rubles.

Celine Sneakers Spring / Summer 2021
Nike Dunk Trainers

Price: 33 550 rub.

Veja Condor Sneakers

Price: 11 839 rub.

Mango Sneakers

Price: 3 299 rub.

X REEBOK and Maison Margiela Tabi sneakers

Price: RUB 25 792

Puma Cali Sneakers

Price: 7 611 rub.

New Balance WS237 Trainers

Price: 8 526 rub.

Sneakers REEBOK

Price: 10 403 RUB.

Veja Sneakers

Price: 8 610 rub.

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