fashion trends and what to wear

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fashion trends and what to wear

With the light hand of Yves Saint Laurent, tuxedos entered women’s fashion. And – without trouser “escort”. And in modern fashion, a tuxedo dress has turned into a more democratic version – a jacket dress, which can be worn “both in a feast and in the world.”

Blazer dress 2021 photo by David Koma

Jacket Dress Saint Laurent

Who is the blazer dress for?

A short jacket dress is a great excuse to showcase long slender legs. Naturally, if they are. However, the owners of “non-model” legs can try on a long dress-jacket – this is also fashionable!

Long blazer dress

As for the figure, thanks to the various cut variations, almost everyone can choose their own model. So, a fitted dress-jacket looks great on girls with a pear-shaped figure, but models with a flared bottom or “wrap-around” are suitable for “triangles” and “rectangles”.

Oversized models and double-breasted jacket dresses are ideal if you need to disguise a small tummy. And if you need to turn your attention to the waist, choose a model with a belt and three buttons.

Look with a dress-jacket

What to wear with a blazer dress?

A dress and a jacket is not only a universal thing, but also a self-sufficient one. So in most cases, the task of designing an outfit is reduced to the selection of suitable shoes and accessories.

Fashionable blazer dress

The exception is a deep-cut blazer dress that you plan to wear to the office. In this case, you can wear a thin top or blouse under it. And, of course, if you wish, you can always “return” the dress-jacket to the suit by adding a skirt, trousers or even a sheath dress.

The summer version – a sleeveless dress-jacket – perfectly transforms into a demi-season and even winter, if you add a shirt, blouse or turtleneck.

Black blazer dress

With what shoes to wear a dress-jacket?

The ideal shoes for this dress are high heels. Casual options look great with pumps with heels, and sophisticated stiletto sandals complement the evening model.

White blazer dress

Low-speed men’s shoes (oxfords, monks, wilds), white sneakers or sneakers, fashionable mules and even rough boots will easily fit into the casual style.

And in cool weather, you can safely wear a dress with suede ankle boots, boots or jackboots.

Blazer dress with boots

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