Fashionable dresses spring-summer 2022 – trends and novelties of the summer season

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Fashionable dresses spring-summer 2022 – trends and novelties of the summer season

Based on the results of the cruise collections, 17 dress models that are relevant for the spring-summer 2022 season can be distinguished. For every taste and occasion. Borders are gradually opening, and with them restaurants, galleries, clubs. We yearned for beautiful holiday clothes and outings. Designers offer sequins for summer parties, romantic flounces and floral prints for dates, comfortable casual for walking, and other trendy dresses for Spring / Summer 2022.

Floral print

Trendy dresses in floral print spring-summer 2022

Floral print spring / summer 2022

“Flowers in the spring? How original … ”Remember the sarcasm of Miranda Priestley from The Devil Wears Prada? Not original, but relevant every year. This season there are many colors in different designs: from a small pattern to a photo print all over the hem. At least one “flower” dress is simply obliged to blossom in the spring wardrobe.

Spring-summer 2022 strip

Fashionable striped dress spring-summer 2022

Another popular print is the strip. Narrow or wide, vertical or diagonal, contrasting or not. In addition to being a trend, the strip also adjusts the proportions of the figure – lengthens the silhouette and visually slims it.

White dress

Fashion spring-summer 2022

This is the hit of 2022. There were so many white dresses on the catwalks that it was difficult to choose the most beloved models. The symbolic color of hope, purity and a bright future.


Fashionable blue dress spring-summer 2022

The bright, sparkling color of the sky and sea itself is associated with summer and vacation. This season, designers offer flying maxi dresses in the most spring shade of blue.


Fashionable yellow dress spring-summer 2022

Pure, juicy yellow is the maximum summer color. So he asks for a beach party. But in a dress of a restrained style, you can go to a business lunch.


The most fashionable dresses spring-summer 2022

The mini dress is like a canvas with a piece of art. Either modern photo printing, or a drawing by an abstractionist from the beginning of the last century.

Knitted maxi dress

Fashionable knitted dresses spring-summer 2022

Ideal for early spring. When you already want to take off your coats and jackets, but it’s still too early for light dresses.

Dress shirt

Shirt-plate spring-summer 2022

Elegant and practical shirt dresses come in handy not only in the office. This season there are many bright models for recreation and all kinds of events.


Leather dresses spring-summer 2022

In the spring-summer 2022 season, leather dresses are unusually open, more reminiscent of combinations with thin straps.


What dresses are in fashion in spring and summer 2022

Comfortable dresses that resemble T-shirts and favorite hoodies are great for walking and everyday activities. Whether it is eco-leather or knitwear – the main thing is that it is comfortable, and it will be fashionable for sure.

As in the 2000s

Dress Trends Spring-Summer 2022

The noughties trend pushes oversize a little and invites you to remember how twenty years ago we wore printed, glove-tight dresses.
Fitstars RU

In linen style

Lingerie dress spring-summer 2022

Slip dresses that were popular in the 90s are back again. They seem to look even more like luxurious sleepwear. As a reminder of the protracted self-isolation.

Crochet dresses

Fashionable knitted dresses spring-summer 2022

During the pandemic, many have learned to knit, it has become as fashionable as shooting a video for TikTok. And in the dock era, knitted dresses were in trend. But now more people are considering a Missoni dress not to buy it, but to knit it.

With adjustable drawstrings

Fashionable dresses spring-summer 2022

Several designers presented dresses with elastic ties at the waist, sleeves, and hem. A kind of transformer that adapts to the type of figure.


Fashionable shiny dress spring-summer 2022

Dresses for cocktail parties, weddings and other pleasant summer events shine and sparkle. Shine bright like and daimon, as they say!

Emphasis on the shoulders

Dresses spring-summer 2022

In the spring-summer 2022 season, the emphasis on the shoulders is slightly different than in the previous ones. They are no longer so geometric and hypertrophied voluminous, but softer and more feminine.

Flounces, ruffles, frills

Ruffle dresses spring / summer 2022

Almost every spring-summer season, all kinds of ruffles are relevant. Well, of course, do not hide such beauty under a coat and down jackets!

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