Fashionable fragrances for women

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Fashionable fragrances for women

Bellissima new fragrance

Perfume companies try to regularly release new fragrances, so each season is a reason to acquire new perfumesuitable for a new lifestyle and weather conditions.

Among the florals of this season, favorites are those where delicate floral notes combine with rich spices. For example, the creators of Armani IDOLE combined white flowers with saffron and ginger. The key to the success of Ricci Ricci is the combination of exotic floral notes with the rhythms of spices.

Another trend of the season is magnolia. In the recent releases of Wanted Helena Rubinstein and Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile, this flower is one of the key notes.
Vanilla is once again becoming a favorite this season, both in women’s and men’s fragrances. The unisex Vanille Galante Hermes made a splash.

Escada, the new Desire Me fragrance.

Escada, the new Desire Me fragranceNew perfumery – a new seductive fragrance from Escada called Desire Me is created on the wave of the success of Escada Incredible Me. However, the composition of new items somewhat different. The fragrance Incredible Me was born from the incredibly delicious tiramis, decorated with an orchid, which the perfumer had a chance to taste in Thailand. Continuing this theme, chocolate and floral notes have been added to the composition of the new Desire Me, making the fragrance extremely sensual and even mesmerizing. Scent opens with citrus notes, in the heart of the composition – a refreshing accord of peony and honeysuckle, and finally, in the trail there are notes of tiramisu, coffee, chocolate and biscuit. The novelty is intended for young women who always want to be in the spotlight, to attract the attention of men, knowing their strengths. An unusually warm, velvety scent.

Nina Ricci, the new Ricci Ricci fragrance.

Nina Ricci new fragranceNina Ricci presents new scentbased on notesthe mysterious mirabilis flower, also known as the night beauty.
The new Ricci Ricci fragrance can change with you throughout the day, and at night its languid notes begin to sound especially seductive. In addition to mirabilis, the composition of the fragrance includes an accord of rhubarb and bergamot, as well as floral notes of Indian tuberose and centifolia rose. The base of the scent is patchouli and sandalwood.
New scent Ricci Ricci is the embodiment of a modern image of romantic femininity. His heroine can be beautiful and mischievous, bright and courageous, beautiful and mysterious at different times in different ways. The prototype of this heroine was Nina Ricci herself, and the face new fragrance became the model Jessica Stam.
The fragrance is very persistent, and in order to feel all the facets of its exciting composition, just one drop on your wrist is enough.

Helena Rubinstein, the new Wanted fragrance.

Helena Rubinstein, the new Wanted fragrancePerfume house Helena Rubinstein will release a novelty of perfumery with the same name as the cosmetic line, Wanted.
Two eminent specialists at once worked on the new Wanted fragrance – Carlos Benaim and Dominique Ropillon, who previously collaborated with such brands as Givenchy, Burberry, Christian Dior, Kenzo.
The main accord of the perfume composition is focused on the subtle and delicate scent of white magnolia flowers. It is complemented by fragrant notes of ylang-ylang, white iris and violet root. Unique charm new perfume give woody odors.

New fragrance Idole d’Armani.

New fragrance Idole d'ArmaniFeminine, charming, alluring.
New scent Idole d’Armani is “a real tribute to femininity, gratitude to all those women who have inspired Armani over the years.” With the help of the new fragrance, Giorgio Armani hopes to return the attention of his clients to the new fragrances of the Armani brand. The Italian designer himself admits that it is much more difficult to develop a fragrance for women than for men: “Perhaps because I am a man and I know what men like. They need fragrances that make them feel like men,” said Giorgio Armani in a recent interview. With women – a completely different story: they are much less loyal to perfume and are constantly looking for something new.

Blumarine, the new Bellissima fragrance.

Blumarine, the new Bellissima fragranceIn October 2009, the Italian fashion house Blumarine released the highly anticipated women’s perfume Bellissima, which have a delicate floral-musky scent and are the first perfume of this brand.
Bellissima perfume was developed by perfumer Sophie Labbé, who used notes of dew, ginger, orange, grapefruit, peony, passion fruit, sandalwood, vanilla flowers, musk and cashmere.

Anna Sui, the new Rock me!

Anna Sui, the new Rock me!The famous brand Sui has delighted its fans with the release of a new perfume called Rock me! They were created as a tribute to the energy of rock and roll.
Designer Anna Sui has always taken inspiration from rock culture, and this time the result of her work exceeded all expectations.
New perfume Rock Me! combine notes of pear, green orange, peach peel, jasmine, water lily. The perfume is based on cedar, amber and vanilla accords.
The perfume bottle is original as always. It is shaped like a purple guitar and is decorated with butterflies, stars and symbols of peace.

CACHAREL, the new Scarlett fragrance.

CACHAREL, the new Scarlett fragranceRemembering the protagonist of Gone with the Wind, a trio of the best perfumers of the House of Firmenich create for Cacharel a cheerful new scent – Scarlett. Embodying the character of modern girls of the XXI century, Scarlett is dedicated to young charming ladies from 15 to 25 years old. Gentle, mysterious, passionate, they want them perfume were sophisticated and modern, romantic and daring. What is she like, a modern girl who is just beginning to write the first lines of her destiny? Dazzling and flirtatious, she was born for a vibrant and eventful life, full of intriguing stories, exciting events and love!

Actress Demi Moore is the face of Helena Rubinstein's Wanted

Actress Demi Moore scent face Wanted from Helena rubinstein

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