Fashionable haircuts 2021-2022 for short hair: 60 photo ideas

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Fashionable haircuts 2021-2022 for short hair: 60 photo ideas

Trendy haircuts 2021-2022 for short hair

Did you know that femininity and hair length are not always interchangeable concepts? Undoubtedly, curls “a la Rapunzel” have always attracted men, gave a certain charm and were considered the main indicator of a particularly delicate nature. But time changes everything: concepts, habits, traditions. And therefore, fashionable haircuts for short hair have firmly entered the life of many of the fair sex.

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Back to square one

In 2021 – 2022, stylists did not rack their brains over creating something new and adopted the well-forgotten old. And there is no need: everything was invented a long time ago. It remains only to give a “fresh breath” to the classics, add new colors, and, voila, stylish images for girls and women are rapidly flying out of the hands of the master.

So, what kind of beautiful haircuts for short hair confidently hold the palm?


Good old bob. A real classic. There are countless options for this haircut. On the basis of the bob, new fashion trends constantly appear, the directions are striking in the variety of forms. Even if it is very difficult to explain to the master what exactly he wants, it is enough to say “like a bob”, and everything immediately becomes clear.

Fashionable bob haircut

A fashionable bob haircut is very similar to a bob. But there is a difference. The length of the hair on the back of the head is much shorter than the strands on the face. Bob looks perfect on any hair: straight, wavy, curly. It gives volume and thickness to fine hair, direction and completeness to unruly curls. But for all its “neutrality” in relation to the type of appearance, the bean still needs to be able to pick up.

haircut for adult women

Choosing a bean by face type

  • Oval. There are no nuances here: it goes well with an oval face. There are a lot of styling options, as well as the length of the haircut itself.
  • Triangle. A triangular face is demanding: a wide forehead and a narrow chin are sometimes great strain. In this case, a bob with bangs is recommended.
  • A circle. In this case, the average length of the haircut is suitable, ideally below the jawline to visually stretch the face.
  • Square. Considering that square and round faces are often difficult to distinguish from each other, then the requirements are the same: an elongated haircut.

Bob is ideal for both first-graders and women of Balzac age. After 40 years, long hair can play a bad joke with a woman: it can age fifteen years. But a stylish and fashionable bob will rejuvenate, giving freshness and enthusiasm to the image.

haircut for short hair

for brunettes

bob with styling - fashionable haircut for girls

short haircuts 2021-2022

beautiful short haircut


Pixie is more demanding haircut. She loves daily styling. Option: washed, dried and gone, absolutely not suitable, except for an ultra-short hair length. But this stylish haircut will always distinguish its mistress from the crowd. Pixies have no special requirements for face type. It is enough to play with the long hair on the parietal part of the head and decide on the presence of bangs. By the way, pixies are a very good choice for an older woman and curvy. Surprisingly, a seemingly very short length should not fit the “crumpet”, but the fact is – a stubborn thing.

fashionable haircut for short hair

haircut for woman

image decoration



A square and a woman are 2 halves of one whole. Perhaps there is not a single woman who would not wear this stylish haircut at least once. And many are so in love with her that they do not part all their lives. The square will always be on the list of fashionable haircuts for short hair, because there are so many options that the eyes run up. It is suitable for any age, from early childhood to old age. The first trips to the salon of little princesses begin with the square; she accompanies all social strata, from the seller to the business woman. This haircut has a motto: “Kare – forever!”


Another fashionable haircut for short hair, which has bright, expressive features:

  • Shaved temples and back of the head
  • Long strands at the crown.

Anderkat is a “hooligan” style. She perfectly suits young ladies who have already formed as a person and found their own style. The haircut goes well with the business style, and fits perfectly into casual, folk, rock. Anderkat will dilute the pathos of an evening dress and add zest to a cocktail evening.


The haircut is imbued with the spirit of France. It is the page that is strongly associated with Mireille Mathieu. She is perfect in wearing and does not care for everything: rain, wind, snow, a hat. The haircut will always keep its shape. And even if the hair begins to treacherously worry, or there is no comb at hand, then a couple of finger waves, and the hairstyle is in perfect order again.

Mix of bright photo ideas

When choosing a fashionable haircut for short hair, many nuances must be taken into account. This style has serious requirements:

  • Daily shampooing,
  • Daily styling,
  • Regular visit to the salon,

If a woman is not ready to do everyday hairstyles, it is better not to bother: short hair in a ponytail or a ponytail cannot be gathered, and wind and rain can create a “crow’s nest” on the head in 1 minute. But, a short haircut gives a unique feeling of youth, enthusiasm and freedom.

An important point is the selection of haircuts by face type. If this is the first scam in your life, then it is better to turn to trusted masters in well-known salons so as not to experience bitter disappointment and sorrow for the cut curls.

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