Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2021-2022! New items and trends in the photo

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Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2021-2022! New items and trends in the photo

Fashionable skirts fall-winter 2021-2022

With the onset of cold weather, most women prefer to wear more practical and warm pants and leggings. However, fashionable skirts in autumn and winter will not let you freeze, at the same time allowing you to look feminine and stylish even at this time. Warm and dense materials (wool, leather, tweed, corduroy) in tandem with the main trends (maxi length, layering, stitching) will make the outfit warm and stylish.

What fashion trends are waiting for us?


Clothes for the cold season are not replete with variegated colors, so more attention is paid to cut and details. So, asymmetry can bring a unique flavor and variety to a woman’s image.

stylish women's skirts for autumn and winter

The asymmetry of things will appear in the form of a zigzag bottom cut, elongations on the sides or in the center, thanks to the smell or layering, which will create different levels between the top and bottom layers. Such models can be made from one type of fabric or combine seemingly incompatible textures, for example, chiffon and leather.

Fashionable warm skirts

monochrome look with a stylish skirt

eternal cage


Pleated skirts will be able to combine several fashion trends proposed by stylists for the next cold season. This is multilayer, and asymmetry, and metallic luster, and much more.

with what to wear a skirt in winter and autumn

Pleated pleats can be either small or large. In multi-layered models, light, airy fabrics can be used, and for classic styles – leather or material with a shiny coating.

There are no clear restrictions on the length, but things of medium length or maxi will still become more relevant. By playing with the length and size of the fold, you can skillfully visually correct the flaws of any female figure.

With smell

The wrap on the front or on the side creates a graceful V-neck on the skirt for a more feminine look. At the same time, the drapery is able to hide a small tummy or wide hips, making the silhouette thinner.

Among the variety of models with a smell, the most relevant will be the classic straight cut. Its standard length is up to the knee, but other options will also be fashionable, for example, a multi-layered mini or with an asymmetry in mid-calf length.

As for the colors, the stylists offer not only traditional autumn colors and checkered patterns, but also juicy berry and wine shades.

Quilted skirts

In the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, girls will not have to choose between fashion and warm clothes. With the light hand of such designers as Jason Wu, Emporio Armani, Zuhair Murad, warm quilted things will reach the peak of popularity. It can be a pencil skirt that is appropriate in the office, a model in a retro style or a romantic style, in which it will be comfortable to walk around the city or go on a date.

Interesting fact! Quilted skirts appeared in the 16th century as a warm layer under the main one. A little later, they were worn under swing dresses, decorated with embroidery and stones.

Such a model should be combined with plain blouses, jumpers and minimalistic accessories (for example, with a stylish belt) so that nothing distracts from the relief of the texture. Another important point: the wider the hips, the finer the stitch should be.

Leather models

In the 80s and 90s, leather skirts could often be seen on the catwalks; in everyday life, only very courageous women had such an item in their wardrobe. Then, in the early 2000s, the popularity of leather clothing practically faded away. And now leather wardrobe items are back in fashion, they are happily worn by both celebrities and ordinary women.

In the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, both the classic black leather pencil skirt and other models of various colors will be relevant:

  • interesting cut midi, for example, on the smell, with an original belt, bow or folds at the top of the product;
  • leather pleated different lengths and colors – dense material will make each fold clear and expressive;
  • styles with cuts – the trend will be not modest cuts of a few centimeters, but reaching the middle of the thigh and above.

In order not to look vulgar in a leather thing, the top should be closed to it. So, a harmonious ensemble can be made with a plain shirt or blouse, a voluminous jumper. If you replace it with a top, then you should definitely wear a cardigan or jacket. Shoes with stable and not too high heels will complete the image: pumps, sandals without unnecessary details, loafers, ankle boots, high boots.

Pencil skirt

Among the variety of models and styles, a pencil skirt remains a must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe. The love of stylists and fashionistas for her is understandable. After all, a simple cut can hide the flaws of almost any figure, hiding the stomach, visually stretching the silhouette and making the waist more expressive.

What to combine this wardrobe item with in order to create bright and stylish images will completely depend on what material the skirt is made of:

  • from suiting fabric – can be supplemented with a more interesting top, for example, with embroidery or other decorative elements;
  • leather – will look good with plain blouses, shirts or jumpers;
  • from jersey – can be combined with almost any top of a simple cut, and accessories, a fashionable handbag or a scarf of rich color, will give a zest to the image.

An important point! Although this style is able to visually hide some figure flaws, it is better for girls with curvaceous forms to avoid variegated colors.

Into the cage

Among the colors at the top of fashion trends, the cage continues to be. It does not matter what style, length or color the skirt will be, if it is in a cage, then this is a relevant thing in the coming cold season.

Among the checkered prints, the most popular will be:

  1. Tartan – better known to many as “Scotch”. Previously, its colors meant belonging to a certain clan of highlanders, but now anyone can choose a color for themselves to their liking. For example, if a woman wants to accentuate her look on a skirt, then you can choose a red plaid with the beautiful name of Caledonia.
  2. Burberry – a print invented in 1924 by Thomas Burberry and became the hallmark of this fashion house. Its warm sandy tones will make the cold season more comfortable.
  3. Glenchek – a pattern of small curls instead of straight lines that create a pattern of squares or rectangles on the fabric. Usually, this print adorns woolen or semi-woolen fabrics, which are ideal for clothes for fall-winter.

The cage is a classic that is suitable for both very young young ladies and women over 40, you just need to choose a thing that matches the color of the skin and hair color, as well as a style that emphasizes the dignity of the figure.


With the onset of autumn, denim skirts will give up their positions a little, but this does not mean that they will completely go out of fashion. One has only to look at the fall-winter 2021-2022 collections and it becomes clear that denim items will perfectly fit into fashionable autumn and winter bows.

Fashionable skirts of the fall-winter season from denim can be straight silhouette or slightly flared to the bottom. The cut can be simple, classic or more interesting, for example, with cuts or wrap. As for the length, all models will be relevant: mini, midi and maxi. These trends allow you to choose a denim wardrobe item that can fit into any style.

Short options

Girls, owners of slender legs, want to continue to demonstrate the dignity of their figure with the onset of cold weather. They will be helped in this by a mini-length above the knee made of dense woolen fabrics of juicy colors.

Most of these models are made without unnecessary decorative elements, which allows you to choose a more interesting top for them, for example, a turtleneck with flirty cutouts on the shoulders or a voluminous stylish sweater with a textured pattern. Fashionable tight tights and high boots will help keep you warm in a short skirt at a temperature tending to zero.

For girls who prefer to combine romantic and brutal things in their image, an interesting mini with pleats, cuts and a smell, which can be worn with a leather jacket, is suitable.


If we talk about floor-length skirts, then in the coming season, fancy year models and flowing pleats will be relevant. The latter can be either in a small fold or in a larger one. To create stylish autumn looks, you should pay attention to the maxi crimson, bronze, silver and gold colors.

The designers of the brands Max Mara, Elisabetta Franchi and Tom Ford convinced with their collections that maxi is not only warm, but equally elegant and luxurious. A floor-length fashion item can be not only a part of a beautiful everyday look, but also an alternative to an evening dress.


The trend for clothes with a metallic sheen will not work in the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, which is clearly confirmed by fashionable skirts with gold, silver or colored tints.

It is noteworthy that earlier the metallic effect was achieved with the help of sequins, which were adorned in the form of embroidery in mini or cuts on medium-length models, and for the coming autumn the most relevant model will be a long pleat made of fabric with a metal coating.

What to wear skirts with in winter and autumn 2021-2022?

To create stylish outfits with fashionable skirts for the cold season, turtlenecks, V-neck jumpers, pullovers, cardigans, chunky knit sweaters, shirts and blouses are suitable. Finding a balance between top and bottom is important here. If the skirt is of bright colors or a complex cut, then a shirt or pullover for it should be calmer, and, conversely, you can choose a more interesting top for simple classic models.

Which shoes to choose will depend on the length of the skirt. So, maxi and midi can be worn with shoes, ankle boots and high boots, and in a mini it will be warm if there are boots on your feet. The exception to this rule is a short leather skirt, which will look vulgar with high boots.

How not to freeze in this case? The answer is simple: compose a fashionable layered bow from several skirts of different lengths or by wearing a short skirt over a longer dress.

Photo ideas of fashionable images

Fashionable skirts for the fall-winter 2021-2022 season are sometimes so original that it is difficult to immediately imagine how to beat and with what to combine such a thing in your outfit. Do not get upset and grieve right away that your DNA lacks a “fashion gene”. After all, you can spy on and be inspired by ready-made fashionable images, the photos of which are collected in the next selection below. Perhaps viewing them will inspire you to create your own equally stylish bows.

Layered fashion skirt
An interesting example of layering

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