Fatty cough: how to get rid of it?

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Fatty cough: how to get rid of it?

Fatty cough: what is it due to?

The fat or productive cough is characterized by the presence of sputum or sputum from the throat or lungs. This clinical manifestation is generally observed in the case of bronchitis or colds, although environmental factors such as dust or tobacco can also cause it. It is a natural bronchial reaction that secretes a mucus substance consisting mainly of mucus and pathogens. These particular secretions are thus evacuated from the body by coughing. The treatment of fat cough therefore inevitably passes by the management of the pathology that is at the origin.

What treatment?

Expectorant cough is not a symptom to treat immediately, since it is a natural process that is put in place by the immune system. This is the reason why specialists advise against the use of antitussive drugs without prior medical advice. Indeed, this type of product blocks coughs and may eventually induce an excessive accumulation of secretions in the bronchi and lungs. As a result, the airways may be clogged.

When the cough persists beyond three or four days, it is recommended to consult a doctor because it may be a sign of a more serious underlying pathology such as pneumonia, pulmonary edema or a bacterial infection . The implementation of a suitable treatment usually helps to quickly overcome a productive cough.

Complementary therapeutic approaches

In case of fat cough, homeopathy can provide valuable help to facilitate the expectoration of mucus. For example, Ferrum phosphoricum granules are recommended for severe coughing, while Pulsatilla granules are better indicated when the cough is fat during the day but dries at night.

When breathing is difficult, Blatta orientalis granules will be more effective. Know that herbal medicine can also relieve you. Thyme and anise are two useful plants for combating oily coughs. In inhalation, you can also use the essential oil of star anise while the essential oils of cypress or rosewood will be applied massage or internally.

Precautions to take

In the majority of cases, it is not necessary to resort to fluidifying drugs. A good hydration is sufficient to promote the evacuation of bronchial sputum. Also remember to ventilate your interior several times a day in order to prevent the viruses from stagnating in the ambient air.

Of course, tobacco is strongly discouraged. To avoid contaminating those around you, use disposable tissues if you blow your nose and throw them in the trash immediately. If coughing prevents you from sleeping, consider raising your mattress slightly to the level of the head and lie on your back so that your airways are as clear as possible.

Can we avoid greasy cough?

If the expectorant cough can not be avoided in essence, the pathologies that cause it can sometimes be observe certain precautions :

  • wash your hands several times a day;
  • put your hand in front of your mouth when you cough;
  • renew the air of his home every day;
  • do not overheat your interior;
  • do not shake hands with a sick person
  • avoid air conditioners ...

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