Favorite Celebrity Fragrances: Be Trending!

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Favorite Celebrity Fragrances: Be Trending!

Perfumery. How do you see her? A seduction tool, a fashion accessory, or a way to express your preferences. There are a lot of phrases that characterize perfume on tap or in classic glass bottles. But one thing has remained unchanged for many decades – fragrances for women and men are one of the most popular products in the beauty industry.

Therefore, there are a lot of recommendations on how to choose a fragrance for yourself. And if you are a big fan of some Hollywood star, you can buy the perfumes that she uses.


“You need to change scents like gloves. And maybe more often! “

Madonna is a very mysterious and eccentric person, so she chooses perfume to match herself. One of her favorite fragrances is Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison.

This juicy and attractive composition seems to go back to the origins of perfumery, it is very natural and rich. Because of this, Hypnotic Poison became so popular that its flankers were subsequently released.

The perfume pyramid consists of liquorice and almond accords in the top notes. In the heart are jasmine and orange blossom. And the train is woven from Tonka beans and vanilla.

Colin Firth

“In my scent, as in me, the spirit of British restraint is clearly expressed.”

Colin Firth, performer of elegant, luxurious and charismatic personalities, prefers Gray Vetiver from Tom Ford.

This is a masterpiece composition for strong men with exquisite taste. It emphasizes the success of its owner and reveals itself with a bright note of vetiver combined with spices, woody notes and citrus.

You can buy these perfumes in an online store in Ukraine at parfumcity.com.ua.

Emma Watson

“A perfume should be full of energy and light. And harmonize with you, of course. “

The red-haired beauty and favorite of all Harry Potter fans wears Lancôme Tresor Midnight Rose fragrance not only because it is created by one of the best cosmetic brands. But also because it perfectly complements any image of her on the red carpet or during gatherings in a cafe with friends.

The floral-fruity composition emphasizes the sensuality and natural seduction of a woman. Top notes reveal a harmonious combination of tea rose and raspberry. The heart of the fragrance is a riot of jasmine and peony, complemented by pink pepper and black currant. The base notes are musk, cedar and vanilla.

Matthew McConaughey

“The strength of a modern man is in his perfume. The best option is a perfectly assembled composition with an exquisite trail. “

When you are the star of romantic movies and you are the same in life, your perfume should practically scream your sublime nature. That is why the famous actor prefers Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men, which can be bought in Ukraine in a matter of minutes.

The thin pyramid of The One For Men includes seductive notes of grapefruit, basil and coriander. Then deep accords of cardamom, Sicilian orange and ginger come into play. The piquant trail of the scent contains: tobacco, cedar and ambergris.


“Each person is special and I want to be different from everyone else. My scent can state it the best way possible. “

The burning Barbados beauty creates history herself: writes songs, releases perfumes and chic underwear. But besides her signature scent, Escada Moon Sparkle became her favorite. This brand produces some of the most unusual aromatic compositions.

Mysterious nocturnal scents of berries and fruits are hidden in a blue-pink bottle. The aroma starts with apple, black currant, strawberry and citrus. Rose, jasmine, sweet peas and freesia are heard in the notes of the heart. The finale of the composition sounds like sandalwood, musk, amber and raspberry.

You can buy Escada perfumes at parfumcity.com.ua. A pleasant price will allow you to get closer to the world-class star Rihanna.

Jude Law

“My scent is active and laconic, but at the same time it is the anthem of a real gentleman.”

Jude Law appears before us in the form of a true British aristocrat who fights on the spot with his charisma. Such a person will certainly choose the Christian Dior Dior Homme Sport fragrance.

Miley Cyrus

“Despite the fact that many see me as a cocky girl, my favorite perfume is radically opposite.”

This famous young singer is a very versatile person. She can be a rebel, or she can be gentle and romantic. This facet of her chooses the fragrance Marc Jacobs Daisy.

Light, summer and airy composition begins its history with notes of grapefruit, violet leaves and strawberries. After that, a flower “heart” of gardenia, violet and jasmine enters the arena. Finishing with woody notes, vanilla and musk.

Leonardo DiCaprio

“The scent that I choose attracts attention from the first minutes. He can and should immediately tell everything about a man. “

Hollywood handsome man, Oscar-winning actor and favorite of millions of women prefers unusual perfumes. One of them is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. Its composition is significantly different from many perfumes for men and this cannot but impress.

A noble and warm aroma based on a tobacco note. The harmony of the pyramid is complemented by dried fruits, vanilla, wood, cocoa and spices. Special perfumes, suitable for both men and women, create a unique aura of luxury and wealth around their owner.

Kate moss

“A perfume should be gentle and catchy at the same time. The best perfumes for women are created by men, because they feel our character like no other. “

The world-famous model is a big fan of Chanel perfumes. Despite the fact that she has become the face of various brands more than once, she prefers perfumes for a true woman – Chanel N5.

The fragrance, which has become a breakthrough in the perfumery industry, has exciting notes of aldehydes and citrus in its composition. They are complemented by floral notes, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla and amber. One of the most luxurious and most famous fragrances for women, you will feel special with it.

Johnny Depp

“The scent of a man is a story about the strength of his character, the desire to win and a positive attitude towards life.”

Becoming the face of the advertising campaign for the updated men’s perfume Christian Dior Sauvage, Johnny Depp does not just show off on posters. He wears this fragrance in his life. In his opinion, this is how perfumes should sound for a real, strong, modern man.

An exciting, brutal and elegant composition “hits” with notes of pepper and bergamot in the first minutes of acquaintance. Its heart is written with geraniums, lavender, elemi, vetiver and patchouli. The trail is based on a precious note of ambroxan combined with white cedar and labdanum.

The recommendations and preferences of famous people can greatly help in choosing a perfume for yourself or as a gift. ParfumCity.com.ua offers to get acquainted and purchase any of the mentioned perfumes for men and women at the most affordable price. Their quality will definitely please you no less.

But remember, perfume is perceived very individually and you should not rush to buy your favorite scent of your favorite star. Make sure you like the scent pyramid first. And then this perfume will become the most profitable and soul-pleasing acquisition.

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