feminine novelties and trends in the photo

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feminine novelties and trends in the photo

Fashion blouses 2021-2022

A blouse is a wardrobe item that creates not only a feminine image, but also is the main business wardrobe. Looking modern and stylish in the workplace is one of the components of the formula for success, so let’s figure out how to mix the style ingredients correctly and conquer everyone around.

What is the difference between trendy styles and outdated options?

The very first – this is not for fitted models (the exceptions are knitted options decorated with ruffles, but such styles are rare). Slim fit blouses were all the rage in 2015. Nowadays, naturalness is relevant, which does not hinder movement, free or straight cut, natural or flowing fabrics.

stylish blouses 2021-2022

Many girls and women do not choose a straight cut because of fears that the figure will visually become more massive. This is really possible if a woman has a massive torso and broad shoulders. Otherwise, just go for a flowy blouse. During the movement, you will definitely see the waist and everything else that is needed 馃檪

Second – no abundance of jewelry. Today’s fashion motto is the simpler the better. Rich frills were replaced by thin collars and silk ribbon-ties. Grace and simplicity – this is what a fashionable blouse 2021-2022 should be like.

beautiful women blouses

Fashionable prints and colors

Remember that color is not the most important thing in a thing. The most important thing is the cut. However, in a particular season, designers prefer certain colors. We suggest not focusing on the color, but choosing the option that will easily and naturally fit into the wardrobe and will serve for more than one season.

stylish blouses for women

Solid blouses. Beautiful, stylish, noble. In addition, a solid color does not require puzzling over its combination. Young girls can choose any shades. Adult women should give preference to light colors. They are youthful, refreshing and do not cast a dark shadow on the face.

You need to be more careful not only with dark shades, but also with bright white. A bright white color without impurities is rarely suitable for anyone, and most often makes the face jaundiced or gray. Better to take a closer look at cream, light beige, champagne.

Polka dot blouses. A lovely print that has limitations. The older the age, the smaller the size of the peas should be.

Strip. A print that has almost no limits, and the abundance of colors in this print allows you to create countless stylish sets.

A flower. Beautiful, light and feminine. But … suits mainly young girls. If you still want a floral blouse, choose a small and low-contrast print or floral pattern. The elegant age does not tolerate fuss and flickering, including in floral prints.

Trendy blouse styles and new items 2021-2022

Take a look, choose what you like and replenish your wardrobe pointwise with only the necessary and beautiful things. Go?

Open shoulders

Beautiful, cute, feminine and perfect for a hot summer.


This trend came to us in 2019 and still does not leave fashion Olympics. If you want a really stylish and original blouse, choose an asymmetrical cut.

Ruffles and ruffles

These blouses will appeal to lovers of romantic and feminine style.


Big sleeves or an elaborate detail is an avant-garde blouse. Incredibly fashionable and definitely eye-catching!

Wrap blouses

An excellent way out for those girls who suffer from “insufficiency in the chest area.” It will even emphasize what is not at all;)

How to wear trendy blouses in 2021-2022?

Since the start of the pandemic, the fashion industry has gone through difficult times. This started a new trend – to wear old things in a new way. From here came the strobing (deflated shoulder) and multi-layering.

Even an old blouse can be freshly beaten by adding an accessory to it, releasing one floor or tying it in a special way. Here are some examples, take a look and take note.

Stylish photo ideas

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