Festival look: how to make a look worthy of Coachella?

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Festival look: how to make a look worthy of Coachella?

More than music, it's fashion made in Coachella which makes us vibrate to the rhythm of its chic hippie looks in recent years. With special collections and festival campaigns, our favorite ready-to-wear brands offer us the opportunity to adopt the trend at will. Our tips for shopper good parts ...

The essential pieces of the look

No look in Coachella mode without bohemian dress or denim shorts. The dress is preferably played long and the shorts style destroy. The latter associates with crocheted tops and small jackets sleeveless skin for a total look assumed.

The fringe are invited on all the accessories according to the preferences: bags besaces and boots in the head. The sunglasses are simply indispensable. The must ? The round glasses spirit 70s' that we dare to color.

Playlist of materials

For a successful look, mix and match the materials: jeans, hook, suede, cotton and voile adorned with embroidery give us the look of a concert and marry each other with a charming nonchalance. On the palette side, raw blue, white and cream blend with black and camel, enhanced by the colors of bohemian prints like Liberty, Cashmere & co.

Live shoes

Side shoes is the duel boots vs ghillies leading the dance. If there are really no rules for which styles to wear with which outfits, we especially keep in mind that we put on comfortable shoes and flat before anything else. The boots are sometimes studded leather rock, sometimes folk and fringed. The ghillies are as well low, lacing back on the ankle as high spartan.

Medley of jewels

Rings, earrings and bracelets are also part of it. They are chosen gold or silver, and why not adorned with stones. Milf, we still dare the choker necklace or chocker of our teen who is back in force this season. After we calm the game by preferring to associate several lengths of necklaces by the accumulation.

Coachella but not too much ...

Among the characteristic pieces of the Coachella Festival, the flower headbands are undeniably kings. Charming when we spot them on our favorite looks, it becomes very risky to wear them out of context. Rather than give yourself a look of "little girl", we avoid to fall for these floral fantasies unless it's time for a theme party.
We also abandon the abuse of the swimsuit, unflattering under the tops that play transparency.

How to mature the look?

We keep the dress but we opt for the jeans rather than the shorts, we associate it with a bohemian printed tunic and put more on the bag than on jewelry. Side shoes, we swap ghillies and boots for the comfort of sneakers or sandals single straps. Not to mention the faithful glasses!

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