Fever: what is the best technique to get a good temperature?

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Fever: what is the best technique to get a good temperature?

Fever, what is it?

Let's start with the beginning. Fever is defined as a rise in body temperature above 38 ° C, outside of any physical exertion and in a moderate ambient temperature. Most often without gravity, it can be accompanied by fatigue, general malaise, pain in the limbs, chills or loss of appetite and abundant sweating. To detect it, it is necessary to take its temperature. How? 'Or' What ?


To do this, simply place an oral thermometer under his tongue for about 3 minutes. Once the result is displayed, it is recommended to add 0.5 ° C at this temperature. Namely: we avoid using this technique before the age of 5 years (other methods are more precise). Also be careful of what you ingest before taking its temperature: exit the hot drinks that could distort the result.


This is the most precise technique (to be preferred in children from 0 to 5 years, therefore). To do this, place the tip of the thermometer in his anus for about 1 minute. Do not hesitate to put Vaseline to avoid hurting him. Although this seems logical, it seems essential to remind us: after using a thermometer to take a temperature rectally, do not use it for oral intake.

Axillary (under the armpit)

The principle ? Place the end of the thermometer in the center of the armpit. Fold the arm against the torso, so as to cover the instrument. Wait a few minutes and read the result. Note, however, that the axillary method of taking the temperature is the least reliable because the armpit is not "Closed". The results may therefore be influenced by the outside temperature.

Tympanic way (by the ear)

It is the fastest temperature measurement. Just place the tip of the thermometer in the ear of the person and wait a few seconds. For a specific result, repeat the operation three times and rely on the highest result. However, this method is not recommended for children under 2 years of age. And for good reason, a bad thermometer position (something common in infants) can skew the result.

By temporal route

Place the thermometer at the temple, in line with the eyebrow. At this point, the result is 0.2 ° C lower than the rectal temperature. This measurement method is fast and very practical, but needs to be used correctly for more reliability. It is avoided in children because it lacks details.

Sources: Ameli.

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